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I was reading a news story and as usual, also enjoy reading other readers thoughts in the comment section. Sure enough, a few posts in, was a comment like this..

"My sister makes $7654 a month from her computer. Click here and read how!".

You've probably seen something similar hundreds of times online. Being your faithful detective of all things related to big claims and internet money making, I followed the link for more information. What I found was startling, but no surprise. Read on....

The link took me to an old landing page with updated photographs and featured the story of our old friend, Kelly Richards. Poor Kelly (this time, she lives in New York), she still hasn't recovered from the 2008 recession and is still looking for easy ways to make money and help her family.

This time, Kelly is promoting the Home Profit System. Of course, Kelly has been "tight lipped" about her secret but now that the cat is out of the bag, she admits she only works 10-13 hours a week and earns $6000-8000 a month online.

How does she do it? It's anybody's guess but Kelly claims she's using the Home Profit System. What the System is is never fully explained, but Kelly shows two photos proving her earnings.

First, is a blurred out Google Adsense Check. Second, is a Google Adsense earnings control panel. There is no indication Google is good with the Home Profit System reproducing pictures from Google, but I have a feeling they are not involved.

Kelly explains that to make the kind of money she is making from home, one has to fill out a simple form and get started. I clicked on the form link and I was redirected to another website that asked me to fill out my name, email and phone number. (Don't do this, you'll get spam. I did it for you using my own email address and other information.).

After some cursory "We're checking our system to see if you apply" delay nonsense, I was taken to yet another website featuring a "news video". I didn't listen. Instead, I checked the rest of the site for information on the Home Profit System, but found nothing.

When I tried to close the page, a dialogue box came up and offered me a discount to purchase something "Home Internet Careers" for the low price of $97.00. I have still have no idea what I'll get for nearly $100, so I opted out. Who knows what buyers receive and if there are any other charges later?

To recap:

Kelly Richards is a fake name of a make believe person who claims to make money online.

The product has no details on how buyers make money.

The product actually goes by a different name and costs $97.00.

Buyer beware!

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