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Ebates Rebates New Giveaway

You're using Ebates Rebates, right?

If not, you're missing out. Ebates pays YOU when you shop online. And not on some strange website using their preferred creditcard, but on all the big websites you shop at now. Amazon, Priceline, major department stores and others.

So you spend money at Amazon, Ebates sends you a check. It's that simple. If you're going to spend money online, you might as well get a little bit back, right?

If you aren't using Ebates, sign up now. Once you do, tell two friends and get them sign up and bada-boom! You make up to $100 in addition to the money you save by using Ebates! It's a win-win!

It gets better.

Once you sign up two friends, you're automatically entered in a drawing to win $50,000! Imagine how much stuff you can buy online with that much money. (And how much you can stretch it when you shop through Ebates!).

So sign up for Ebates now and start making money!!!!!!

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