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Need Money Scam: Home Jobs Online | Search and Social Goldmine

This one, the Search and Social Goldmine, is being heavily advertised online. Again, the same sales pitch, the same "mom", the same claims, and all the same stuff about making money online. Read on to find out the hidden details.

First, I don't sell Search and Social Goldmine or Home Jobs Online. If you purchased this product, please refer to the website were you gave your credit card information and find out how to contact their customer support.

On the Need Money Blog, I investigate and reveal home income kit products sold online. Some are good, many others are fly by not outfits separating buyers from their money. Buyer beware!

On to Search and Social Goldmine.

I came across Search and Social from a little pop up ad which read something like, "Mom makes $7847.00 a month!". I clicked on the ad and was taken to this website for Home Jobs Online featuring this woman, whose likeness has been selling home income kits for the better part of two years.

The ad lists her name as "Kelly Richards" who has been used for ads like these for years.

At that point, the ad and its claims get hazy. Richards says she needed money.. blah blah.. recession.. blah blah.. found a way to make money online. Then she mentions how big Google and Facebook are and how billions of dollars are spent online.

Great. How do you make money, Kelly? No answer. Only that buyers should a) fill out a form for the Home Jobs Online program, b) follow instructions and c) get a check in a week or so.

I took the risk for my readers and I clicked on the Home Jobs Online link and was taken to another website. This one for "Search and Social Goldmine" or "Stay At Home Income" depending upon which logo you choose to believe.

Not much more information there, only that the product has been featured on some famous websites (with logos) and visitors are asked to fill out a brief form to check the availability of the program in my area.

Filling out the form took me to a website which told the story of Mary Stevens (Hey! Where did Kelly Richards go?)who lost her job, needed money and found this great system - Search and Social Goldmine.

Mary says she made a fortune "posting links". You know, putting links for Big Companies products "on the search engines" and making commissions every time somebody buys something.

Then she goes into the "See How Easy This Is" and the "Imagine If You Posted 10 Links A Day?" pitch. Then it gets dodgy.

"Mary" claims she logs into her account, picks a product to create links for online, then creates a "site". In one or two minutes of work, she claims "she makes $15.00 just like that!" Impossible.

Here's my explanation about what I think this advertisement is talking about.

Links are hypertext coded links to a website which sells something and includes the linkers affiliate tag. An affiliate tag tracks the sale and connects it to the person who posted the link online. (A good example of a company which helps facilitate this type of relationship is Commission Junction, Google it).

If someone buys the product advertised in the link, than the original poster might make some money.

So now that you understand what "links" are, can you really get paid for posting them?

Nobody gets paid for simply "posting links"; they only get paid if a buyer purchases something through that link, if the buyer does not ask for refund, if the buyer's credit card is authorized and if the sale is not fraudulent. A lot can go wrong when making purchases online.

But wait, there's more. Nowhere does Mary point out how she gets Internet searchers to find her links. I will tell you how.

1) She buys advertising using a product like Google AdWords. That costs money to put ads in front of potential buyers and YOU get charged for the ad whether someone buys a product or not. Ad campaigns for affiliate marketing products can run into the hundreds of dollars. Daily.

2) She creates a website, with its own unique domain name and publishes it on the internet. Now she has to get traffic (visitors) to the site. How? By spending more money on advertising. Websites cost money. Domain names cost money. Advertising costs money. All that money is spent before anyone has purchased a single product through one of those magical "links".

Search and Social Goldmine says to join their certification system is only 49.95. Without explaining the two points noted above ("Explain how anyone gets paid $15.00 to simply post a link" and "What are the costs for putting links on the internet where searchers can find them"), I would be reluctant to give this product a try. Your mileage may vary.

This site does not sell the products in question here. If you purchased this product and would like a refund or have questions about the product, please return to the website you purchased the product from and read the Terms of Service for company contact information. Need Money Blog does not sell this product and has no affiliation with the company but is an informational site only.

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