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Need Money Scam: Home Income Kits

"Mom makes $5177.00 a month! See how here!"

How many times a day do you see an ad like this on your favorite websites? Have you ever clicked on one and taken a look at the website? Most likely it is setup to look like a news site and might even have some video of a reporter talking about people who work from home. There is probably a picture of a "mom" with a child next to her on the same site with a testimonial about how much money she is making now with this home income kit.

These ads also play up the amount of debt and financial hardships the subject is in and how this wonder kit helped them get ahead financially in only a few short weeks. If you have bills or money problems, that part of the ad probably resonated with you.

Here's the deal: most of those home income kits don't work and the testimonials are all fake. There is no Kelly Richards who lives in your home town and she certainly is not making $5000.00 a month "posting links".

Before you plop down the maxed out credit card and buy into one of these scams, take note of the following:

1) Nobody gets paid for "posting links". Millions of companies and individuals do pay to place ads (which are technically links) on websites advertising goods and services. If someone buys one of those products, the individual or company which posted the ad might make some money, if the buyer does not return the product. But nobody gets paid for simply posting the ad, (except for Google or whoever the ad was purchased from).

2) Nobody gets paid the same day or within a short amount of time for selling a product online. Most companies pay persons who sell products for them (affiliate sales), sometime in the future - next month, in 90 days, etc. For example, Amazon pays resellers of their products 90 days after the sale. Clickbank pays 2-3 weeks after the sale at the absolute earliest and withholds part of the sale in case of return. Commission Junction pays 90 days after the final sale and only after a threshold has been reached. Even Google Adsense does not pay until 30 days or more after the end of the month the threshold was passed. Don't believe these ads which say "money will be deposited into your bank account right away".

3) Very few individuals make a living online compared to the number of people who work a "job". If everyone made easily made thousands online, then everyone would do it, right? The fact is, most people who try to work online with these home income kits rarely make any money at all.

4) Each one of these home income kits require the buyer to spend more money after purchasing the kit. Buyers will have to purchase one or more domain names for their websites, a hosting account to put their sites on the internet, and will have to spend money on advertising to get traffic to their site. Even then there is no guarantee they will make any money at all off their work and expenses.

5) The only person making money online is the person selling "make money at home online" income kits.

6) Always, always, always read the fine print on any home income kit advertised online. Many claim the product is a low fee of $1.99 to get started, but that is often only for a short trial period or offers limited access to the actual product. Many home income kits have recurring monthly charges for "hosting and support". Some have high hidden fees such as "$179.99 one time setup charge" for instance.

Finally, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. While there are some good products out there which can help individuals make a few hundred extra dollars a month filling out forms, surveys, watching videos or completing offers, be sure to read and research them carefully before jumping in with both feet.

Be very aware of home income kits and the scams that are out there.

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