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Need Money Blog: What to do about lower Adsense earnings

Many who make money online do so by featuring Google AdSense ads on their websites. However, since a change in Google algorithms in April, many AdSense users are reporting less money due to less traffic.

AdSenese is easy to understand: Build a website, apply to AdSense, when approved, add the code to the website and let Google do the rest. Google will automatically insert the ads based upon the website subject and keywords.

Advertisers buy ads from Google through AdWords. When an ad is clicked, the advertiser is charged and the revenue is split between the website owner and Google.

What changed in April has been termed Google Panda or Farmer depending upon what you read. Basically, the number of websites Google has indexed has exploded. Google has created an algorithm which is carefully judging the content and value of a website and ranked it accordingly for web searches.

The end result was some sites saw a drop as much as 40% in their traffic. That meant lower advertising revenue from AdSense. As expected, many website owners were not happy.

Further, there are some who are speculating that websites with lower rankings from Panda are being paid less per click for their ads than a higher ranked website. While this has always been a possibility, some website owners are crying foul.

Regardless, if you have a website and have noticed lower advertising revenue from Google, here are some things you can do:

Content - As always, focus on original, (non-scraped, non-borrowed, non-regurgitated) content. Make it authoritative, deep and well constructed. Lots of keywords on a template page downloaded for free will not cut it any longer.

Focus on successful pages. Look for ways to increase revenue off the pages which are retaining their page ranking and using them to feed to other lower producing pages.

Continue to focus on getting more back links from respected and related sites to your site and more importantly to individual pages.

Develop other types of revenue enhancers such as the sale of ebooks, affiliate sales, Amazon, eBay, increasing opt-in email lists, text ads, individual advertisers and donations.

Google algorithms are a fact of life. Page rank and search results will constantly change. Be prepared for sudden dips in traffic and revenue. Optimize sites which work and fix sites which do not.

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