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Need Money Blog: New Life Profits

New Life Profits is a new name for an old product currently advertised on some of your favorite websites.It is a product which claims to help people make money online

It's the usual ad.. "Mom makes 1000's of dollars online! Learn her secret!".

These ads found sprinkled throughout the internet take visitors to a form website designed to look like a news story, in this case for New Life Profits. "mom Kelly Richards (who seems to advertise everything these days)" claims she tried New Life Profits and is able to provide a great life to her family.

"Richards" claims she makes over $5000.00 with the vague concept that "every time someone looks for something online or on Facebook, somebody makes money. Here's how you can get a piece of that money".

The website then goes on to show a picture of a Google Adsense check, makes some more statements about how much money Richards is making, how easy it is and then has several comments from readers who are either interested or who have tried New Life Profits and are making thousands as well.

The links for New Life Profits take visitors to a website which requires them to input their name, city and email address for more information. In seconds, visitors are taken to a new website which claims that there are a limited number of spots available to them in their area depending upon their zip code (for fun, try putting in other zipcodes - the same number of spots are available elsewhere!).

The New Life Profits website claims that for a one time fee, customers will get "links" to post on websites advertising products online. They then show how easy it is to create a website with these "links" in one to two minutes. Then the leap of faith - Customers are told that after they post their "links" they will then make up to $15.00. Make more websites, post more "links" and make more money.

There's a few problems -

- Nobody pays anyone for simply "posting links". Companies, through affiliate programs, may pay web site owners each time somebody "buys" something from one of those links.
- Websites cost money for hosting, i.e. somewhere to put your website full of links so that visitors will find it.
- To get buyers who click on links, website owners need traffic. That website full of links with no visitors makes no money. It takes a lot of work to get visitors to a website and even more work to get them to buy something.

While New Life Profits does not answer these questions, I am curious who pays for website tools, hosting and traffic, otherwise it makes no sense.

How much does New Life Profits cost? Their Buy Now links say the product is $97.00. Before buying, I would look for a phone number and ask a rep how the system works in detail before buying.

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This site does not sell the products in question here. If you purchased this product and would like a refund or have questions about the product, please return to the website you purchased the product from and read the Terms of Service for company contact information. Need Money Blog does not sell this product and has no affiliation with the company but is an informational site only.  


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct! I wish I had read your Blog prior to submitting my information to New Life Profits. The Company's Secure Online Form claims to accept AMEX; however, following the submission of my AMEX/personal information, the Company's System rejected my purchase by stating "Error, AMEX not accepted--only Visa, MCard, and Discover." It just makes me wonder how much other "error" information the New Life Profits website contains. And for the record, there is no telephone or contact information available on the New Life Profits website. Good Post on your part--I hope others read it prior to hitting the "Submit Form" link on websites that collect personal/credit card info.

Anonymous said...

My mistake, there actually is a contact number on the New Life Profits website. Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly agree with your Post! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Read the web site, very vague, not much detail, no contact information, but lots of boasts about all the money you will make. Lets be honest, does anyone really think you could easily make $50K, $60K $100K or become a wealthy individual by just sitting in your boxers, drinking coffee and posting some links on the web? Really? I am not saying that there exists no way of making money online these days as there are countless "authentic" ways of doing so, but anyone thinking they will suddenly start making $5,000/month sitting home is either grasping for straws or just not seeing the forest for the trees. If you had developed a sure fire way to make untold riches, would you need to sell a service telling others how to do just that? Be honest......sure you wouldn't. Begs the question of why this is even being offered? Be cautious people.

Anonymous said...

I actually found a number. When I called it said to call back during normal business hours, which are 9:00am to 8:00pm. I called at 4:30pm. What does that tell you. I also sent them an email asking for more info and have not heard anything from them. I don't believe it can be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone for your comments and warnings. I was unsure about giving money and my personal information to this website, so I checked online and this is what I found, all of your comments. Warning people about this fast get rich scam website. Again thank you all.

May God bless :)

Anonymous said...

This sounded too good to be true so I decided to do some research and came here. When the company is vague about what you have to do to make all this money, the buyer should be aware. From what I gleaned from their information, I suspected that you would need to set up a web site. After all that's about the only way to get clicks so people will purchase products and you make a commission. And as another poster pointed out, web sites cost money for hosting, domains cost money and you need to be top on search engines. You could end up with a web site full of ads and no hits after putting out more money. A better way to do it is sent up a blog or web site with something you are interested in, then have some products/ads on the side that you recommend,talk about or evaluate in your site. If the reader decides to click on it, they would be taken to Amazon where they could buy the product. Amazon and other sites do have an affiliate program. You earn a percentage from folks who click from your site. Also there are hosting companies like GoDaddy that can help you get on the top sections search engines. This all takes some computer savvy and time but as the old saying goes, "there's no such thing as a free lunch". However I'm happy to offer this tid bit of advice to you for free.

I think I will take my own suggestion too!

Fabio Stefano said...

Please dont do it. I was an idiot and hopefully they wont charge me more than $97.

Next time I will do a search first and I wont make this mistake again.

Thanks everyone and be smart. ;)

Anonymous said...

Plain and simple. It is not legit. Thank goodness I'm only out $29.00 Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, DON'T BITE


Anonymous said...

Plain and simple. DON'T DO IT!

Fabio, sorry you paid 97 dollars for your education, mine only cost me 29 dollars. I wonder how many people don't request their 100 percent money back guarentee?


Anonymous said...

After reading the whole article, I found it to be very vague also. I attempted to pull it up on the Better Business Bureau site. It is not registered with them. So I did not give them my personal information. When I attempted to close the page from the $99 offer, I was offered half off of $49. When I closed that page, I was offered 70% off at $29. I'm proud to report that this scam did not get my hard earned money.

PythonX360 said...

They got me for $99
I came across this site when I tried looking for new life profits members sign on site. Is there anyway to get refund.

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