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Need Money Blog: Ten Annoying Posters On Online Forums

You read forums right? You know, something you follow, a hobby, a news site, or lifestyle site? Lot's of people read and contribute to online forums, some quite seriously.

Forums are very popular because they allow like minded people the chance to discuss and share things online. Whole communities develop, friendships (and enemies) are made online and conversations lead to ideas spreading. It's a neat and timeless concept.

However, there are many things people do online when contributing to forums which is incredibly obnoxious. Most times, such actions can be chalked up to ignorance or failure to read the FAQ for a forum. Other times, it's because the poster is just plain annoying.

Here's a Top Ten List of Annoying Things To Do On Forums

1) The SCREAMER.   THAT MEANS WRITING EVERY WORD IN CAPS. It's not 1996 anymore, everyone knows that all caps means shouting. If you are old or hard of eyesight and can't read your screen, get some glasses, a bigger monitor or turn the computer off and find another pass time.

2) The CAPS ADDICT. They CAPITALIZE every OTHER word for EMPHASIS. An occasional capped word is one thing, but so often hurts normal people's eyes. People who write like this have some emotional need to emphasize every point they make for attention. Annoying.

3) The Mystery Linker. This is a an extremely annoying habit of some posters. They start a thread with a subject like "This video will change everything!" and then provide the link and so on. No explaination or synopsis of the link. C'mon, give some clue as to what you are posting.

4) The Inside Abbreviator. This is directed at posters who use numerous abbreviations and terms that are closed to their line of work but that anyone outside of their world and also on the forum will not understand.

For instance, "All of us GSA22 know you have to have an FOB form or the super upstairs will deep six it!" What the...? Annoying.

5) The Me Too Poster. Someone who posts a terse, unspectacular response to a long post without trimming the original post. For intance..




Yeah, I agree.


6) The Spam Dropper.A thread will be in discussion and someone drops in, makes an unrelated remark and then puts out a link. The posts look like this:

What a great comment!
Say, have you ever wanted to own your own business? Check out this housewife making $50000 online! at http://www.blskjsd_dj.bza/!

7) The Oblivious. The poster who starts thread after thread without checking to see if there are duplicate threads already going. It's almost like they only know how to start a thread and not how to respond to one.

8) The Lyricist. A famous musician or singer passes away and the Lyricist has to post, in stanza format, all the lines to their favorite song. Why not just point out, "Hey, I really liked that song You Got Gnarly Teeth" and then provide a link with synposis to a video of a performance. It's almost like the Lyricist wants to take credit for the song.

9) The Big Giffer. The person who responds to a post with a jpeg or gif which is ginormous and takes five minutes to page load. Cut it out.

10) The Mystery Threader. This person starts a post with a subject line which has no information and requires the other forum members to click and read their thread. Please give complete information in the thread title. For instance:

Bank of Arizona gives out personal information to third party companies


Guess what my bank did?

I love forums and contribute to several. Maybe somehow, I can spread the word and get more people to be less annoying. Maybe I can get more FAQ to contain a list like this. Bah, why bother. Nobody, I mean NOBODY, will change ANYTHING about their FORUM POSTINGS. Say, have you checked out this link yet? It's great!

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