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Need Money Scam: Home Jobs Online | Search and Social Goldmine

This one, the Search and Social Goldmine, is being heavily advertised online. Again, the same sales pitch, the same "mom", the same claims, and all the same stuff about making money online. Read on to find out the hidden details.

First, I don't sell Search and Social Goldmine or Home Jobs Online. If you purchased this product, please refer to the website were you gave your credit card information and find out how to contact their customer support.

On the Need Money Blog, I investigate and reveal home income kit products sold online. Some are good, many others are fly by not outfits separating buyers from their money. Buyer beware!

On to Search and Social Goldmine.

I came across Search and Social from a little pop up ad which read something like, "Mom makes $7847.00 a month!". I clicked on the ad and was taken to this website for Home Jobs Online featuring this woman, whose likeness has been selling home income kits for the better part of two years.

The ad lists her name as "Kelly Richards" who has been used for ads like these for years.

At that point, the ad and its claims get hazy. Richards says she needed money.. blah blah.. recession.. blah blah.. found a way to make money online. Then she mentions how big Google and Facebook are and how billions of dollars are spent online.

Great. How do you make money, Kelly? No answer. Only that buyers should a) fill out a form for the Home Jobs Online program, b) follow instructions and c) get a check in a week or so.

I took the risk for my readers and I clicked on the Home Jobs Online link and was taken to another website. This one for "Search and Social Goldmine" or "Stay At Home Income" depending upon which logo you choose to believe.

Not much more information there, only that the product has been featured on some famous websites (with logos) and visitors are asked to fill out a brief form to check the availability of the program in my area.

Filling out the form took me to a website which told the story of Mary Stevens (Hey! Where did Kelly Richards go?)who lost her job, needed money and found this great system - Search and Social Goldmine.

Mary says she made a fortune "posting links". You know, putting links for Big Companies products "on the search engines" and making commissions every time somebody buys something.

Then she goes into the "See How Easy This Is" and the "Imagine If You Posted 10 Links A Day?" pitch. Then it gets dodgy.

"Mary" claims she logs into her account, picks a product to create links for online, then creates a "site". In one or two minutes of work, she claims "she makes $15.00 just like that!" Impossible.

Here's my explanation about what I think this advertisement is talking about.

Links are hypertext coded links to a website which sells something and includes the linkers affiliate tag. An affiliate tag tracks the sale and connects it to the person who posted the link online. (A good example of a company which helps facilitate this type of relationship is Commission Junction, Google it).

If someone buys the product advertised in the link, than the original poster might make some money.

So now that you understand what "links" are, can you really get paid for posting them?

Nobody gets paid for simply "posting links"; they only get paid if a buyer purchases something through that link, if the buyer does not ask for refund, if the buyer's credit card is authorized and if the sale is not fraudulent. A lot can go wrong when making purchases online.

But wait, there's more. Nowhere does Mary point out how she gets Internet searchers to find her links. I will tell you how.

1) She buys advertising using a product like Google AdWords. That costs money to put ads in front of potential buyers and YOU get charged for the ad whether someone buys a product or not. Ad campaigns for affiliate marketing products can run into the hundreds of dollars. Daily.

2) She creates a website, with its own unique domain name and publishes it on the internet. Now she has to get traffic (visitors) to the site. How? By spending more money on advertising. Websites cost money. Domain names cost money. Advertising costs money. All that money is spent before anyone has purchased a single product through one of those magical "links".

Search and Social Goldmine says to join their certification system is only 49.95. Without explaining the two points noted above ("Explain how anyone gets paid $15.00 to simply post a link" and "What are the costs for putting links on the internet where searchers can find them"), I would be reluctant to give this product a try. Your mileage may vary.

This site does not sell the products in question here. If you purchased this product and would like a refund or have questions about the product, please return to the website you purchased the product from and read the Terms of Service for company contact information. Need Money Blog does not sell this product and has no affiliation with the company but is an informational site only.

Need Money Scam: Capital Online Revenue

Sometimes these scams do a good job convincing would be buyers of their products through the use of reputable named companies, realistic sounding testimonials and possible earnings. Capital Online Revenue is not one of these. Rather, they use to many of the same old scam claims to rope in buyers.

Capital Online Revenue can be found through ads on your favorite websites. "Mom makes $5728 a month and beats recession!". The link takes visitors to a blog or website designed to look like an authoritative news story.

Again, the same characters and props are used to fool victims into falling for instant money with little work:

Jessica Meyer was on the ad I saw, and through a software trick, claimed to live in my hometown. There's picture of her with a little girl staring happily at a computer obviously relishing their new found wealth online. The problem is this is the same picture of a woman named Kelly Richards who was making money with New Life Profits last month!

Again, the vague "when people search, you can make money" claim. Somehow, when someone searches for something on Google or Facebook, there's money to be made, or so says Capital Online Revenue. In fact, billions are made annually through this "system" and buyer of COR will too. There's no indication in the ad how that works, though.

Then, there's the usual pictures. One is of a Google Adsense check (which has nothing to do with Capital Online Revenue). Then there is a screen shot of the Google Adsense panel with caption that this is the money someone is earning through Capital Online Revenue.

Then, there is the claims of how easy it is to make money with COR. Simply sign up, follow the program and start depositing checks in the bank. If you are out of work, this sounds too good to be true. It is.

But read the small print at the bottom. "This website is not an actual news site but an ad for Capital Online Revenue. Testimonials and photos are a depiction. Some buyers may make NO MONEY AT ALL."

Then there is the cost. The sign up form says $47.00 and comes with a 365 Day Money Back Guarantee. But here's a sample (the bold face) of what you get with your "kit" and some information about them.

How to make money with eBay guide - Type that into a search engine and find out how for free without buying Capital Online Revenue.

Basic Wordpress tutorials guide - Wordpress is a blogging platform. To effectively use it for internet marketing, you need to have a domain name (cost extra $) and a web hosting account (more extra $$).

Email Marketing guide
- email marketing requires you build an opt-in email list which requires you purchase email marketing software (generally about $20.00 additional a month), learn how to use it and get people to sign up. You can't spam.

How much you want to bet Capital Online Revenue conveniently gives buyers little links to purchase each of these needed components such as web hosting, internet domains and email marketing software? Again, it costs buyers more money and don't forget that little caveat - "SOME BUYERS WILL MAKE NO MONEY AT ALL".

Beware these types of make money at home kit. Use Google to search for terms like "making money with internet marketing" and learn how it works before buying anything. Consider building a free website on blogger or Squidoo and try marketing something yourself.

This site does not sell the products in question here. If you purchased this product and would like a refund or have questions about the product, please return to the website you purchased the product from and read the Terms of Service for company contact information. Need Money Blog does not sell this product and has no affiliation with the company but is an informational site only


Need Money Blog: What to do about lower Adsense earnings

Many who make money online do so by featuring Google AdSense ads on their websites. However, since a change in Google algorithms in April, many AdSense users are reporting less money due to less traffic.

AdSenese is easy to understand: Build a website, apply to AdSense, when approved, add the code to the website and let Google do the rest. Google will automatically insert the ads based upon the website subject and keywords.

Advertisers buy ads from Google through AdWords. When an ad is clicked, the advertiser is charged and the revenue is split between the website owner and Google.

What changed in April has been termed Google Panda or Farmer depending upon what you read. Basically, the number of websites Google has indexed has exploded. Google has created an algorithm which is carefully judging the content and value of a website and ranked it accordingly for web searches.

The end result was some sites saw a drop as much as 40% in their traffic. That meant lower advertising revenue from AdSense. As expected, many website owners were not happy.

Further, there are some who are speculating that websites with lower rankings from Panda are being paid less per click for their ads than a higher ranked website. While this has always been a possibility, some website owners are crying foul.

Regardless, if you have a website and have noticed lower advertising revenue from Google, here are some things you can do:

Content - As always, focus on original, (non-scraped, non-borrowed, non-regurgitated) content. Make it authoritative, deep and well constructed. Lots of keywords on a template page downloaded for free will not cut it any longer.

Focus on successful pages. Look for ways to increase revenue off the pages which are retaining their page ranking and using them to feed to other lower producing pages.

Continue to focus on getting more back links from respected and related sites to your site and more importantly to individual pages.

Develop other types of revenue enhancers such as the sale of ebooks, affiliate sales, Amazon, eBay, increasing opt-in email lists, text ads, individual advertisers and donations.

Google algorithms are a fact of life. Page rank and search results will constantly change. Be prepared for sudden dips in traffic and revenue. Optimize sites which work and fix sites which do not.


Need Money Scam: Home Income Kits

"Mom makes $5177.00 a month! See how here!"

How many times a day do you see an ad like this on your favorite websites? Have you ever clicked on one and taken a look at the website? Most likely it is setup to look like a news site and might even have some video of a reporter talking about people who work from home. There is probably a picture of a "mom" with a child next to her on the same site with a testimonial about how much money she is making now with this home income kit.

These ads also play up the amount of debt and financial hardships the subject is in and how this wonder kit helped them get ahead financially in only a few short weeks. If you have bills or money problems, that part of the ad probably resonated with you.

Here's the deal: most of those home income kits don't work and the testimonials are all fake. There is no Kelly Richards who lives in your home town and she certainly is not making $5000.00 a month "posting links".

Before you plop down the maxed out credit card and buy into one of these scams, take note of the following:

1) Nobody gets paid for "posting links". Millions of companies and individuals do pay to place ads (which are technically links) on websites advertising goods and services. If someone buys one of those products, the individual or company which posted the ad might make some money, if the buyer does not return the product. But nobody gets paid for simply posting the ad, (except for Google or whoever the ad was purchased from).

2) Nobody gets paid the same day or within a short amount of time for selling a product online. Most companies pay persons who sell products for them (affiliate sales), sometime in the future - next month, in 90 days, etc. For example, Amazon pays resellers of their products 90 days after the sale. Clickbank pays 2-3 weeks after the sale at the absolute earliest and withholds part of the sale in case of return. Commission Junction pays 90 days after the final sale and only after a threshold has been reached. Even Google Adsense does not pay until 30 days or more after the end of the month the threshold was passed. Don't believe these ads which say "money will be deposited into your bank account right away".

3) Very few individuals make a living online compared to the number of people who work a "job". If everyone made easily made thousands online, then everyone would do it, right? The fact is, most people who try to work online with these home income kits rarely make any money at all.

4) Each one of these home income kits require the buyer to spend more money after purchasing the kit. Buyers will have to purchase one or more domain names for their websites, a hosting account to put their sites on the internet, and will have to spend money on advertising to get traffic to their site. Even then there is no guarantee they will make any money at all off their work and expenses.

5) The only person making money online is the person selling "make money at home online" income kits.

6) Always, always, always read the fine print on any home income kit advertised online. Many claim the product is a low fee of $1.99 to get started, but that is often only for a short trial period or offers limited access to the actual product. Many home income kits have recurring monthly charges for "hosting and support". Some have high hidden fees such as "$179.99 one time setup charge" for instance.

Finally, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. While there are some good products out there which can help individuals make a few hundred extra dollars a month filling out forms, surveys, watching videos or completing offers, be sure to read and research them carefully before jumping in with both feet.

Be very aware of home income kits and the scams that are out there.


Need Money Scam: Bankcard Processing Agent

Be aware of this scam going around the internet!

The bankcard processing scam goes like this. A job seeker, after posting their resume and contact information online, will receive an official looking letter from a company offering them the position of a credit card processing agent.

The offer will include a base pay rate along with a commission for each transaction processed, generally around 5-8%. The letter will instruct the job applicant to fill out a application form which will be approved without any sort of background interview or phone call.

Once "hired" a followup email or letter will instruct the new "processing agent" to set up a personal bank account so they can accept transactions. They are told when money is transferred into their account, they are to take their percentage and then forward the remainder to another account by electronic funds transfer.

A few days later, the processing agent will be contacted by the bank who will inform them the original amount transferred into their account "bounced" from the originator. Thus, the processing agent is liable for the whole amount. At the same time, the company which hired the agent no longer responds to emails, letters or phone calls the money can not be traced.

One victim of this scam reported losing nearly $2000.00 (all while really out of work) which she had to pay back to the bank. As for the company which allegedly "hired" her, they were nowhere to be found as was neither the receiver of the electronic payment.

The old conventional wisdom always applies: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't".

If you receive any email offering a similar job, report it as spam and delete it.
If you receive a letter offering the same, then investigate and possibly report it to your local BBB or state attorney general.
If you receive an offer like this on one of the big job boards, report it immediately to the admins.
If you are considering this type of job, don't do it!


Need Money Blog: New Life Profits

New Life Profits is a new name for an old product currently advertised on some of your favorite websites.It is a product which claims to help people make money online

It's the usual ad.. "Mom makes 1000's of dollars online! Learn her secret!".

These ads found sprinkled throughout the internet take visitors to a form website designed to look like a news story, in this case for New Life Profits. "mom Kelly Richards (who seems to advertise everything these days)" claims she tried New Life Profits and is able to provide a great life to her family.

"Richards" claims she makes over $5000.00 with the vague concept that "every time someone looks for something online or on Facebook, somebody makes money. Here's how you can get a piece of that money".

The website then goes on to show a picture of a Google Adsense check, makes some more statements about how much money Richards is making, how easy it is and then has several comments from readers who are either interested or who have tried New Life Profits and are making thousands as well.

The links for New Life Profits take visitors to a website which requires them to input their name, city and email address for more information. In seconds, visitors are taken to a new website which claims that there are a limited number of spots available to them in their area depending upon their zip code (for fun, try putting in other zipcodes - the same number of spots are available elsewhere!).

The New Life Profits website claims that for a one time fee, customers will get "links" to post on websites advertising products online. They then show how easy it is to create a website with these "links" in one to two minutes. Then the leap of faith - Customers are told that after they post their "links" they will then make up to $15.00. Make more websites, post more "links" and make more money.

There's a few problems -

- Nobody pays anyone for simply "posting links". Companies, through affiliate programs, may pay web site owners each time somebody "buys" something from one of those links.
- Websites cost money for hosting, i.e. somewhere to put your website full of links so that visitors will find it.
- To get buyers who click on links, website owners need traffic. That website full of links with no visitors makes no money. It takes a lot of work to get visitors to a website and even more work to get them to buy something.

While New Life Profits does not answer these questions, I am curious who pays for website tools, hosting and traffic, otherwise it makes no sense.

How much does New Life Profits cost? Their Buy Now links say the product is $97.00. Before buying, I would look for a phone number and ask a rep how the system works in detail before buying.

If interested in a real way to earn money fast online, and one with a money back guarantee, Click Here!

This site does not sell the products in question here. If you purchased this product and would like a refund or have questions about the product, please return to the website you purchased the product from and read the Terms of Service for company contact information. Need Money Blog does not sell this product and has no affiliation with the company but is an informational site only.  


Need Money Blog: Digital Wave Profit Formula

The Digital Wave Profit Formula is making a big splash in search engines as potential buyers are trying to find out more about this product. Here is what the ad for DWPF is saying:

Jessica Holcomb of (insert your home town) needed money fast so she turned to the internet. There she found the Digital Wave Profit Formula and now she makes over $6000.00 a month online part time:

"I actually make $6,000-$7,000 a month online which is enough to comfortably replace my old jobs income, especially considering I only work about 10-13 hours a week from home.

There are no further details on how Holcomb makes so much money only that "people are purchasing Billions and Billions of things online".

Holcomb claims she signed up for the Digital Wave Profit Formula, went to the Members area, and started depositing checks and enjoying life. Pretty vague.

The links for the DWPF take visitors to a sign up website which lists motivations for joining like living debt free, plenty of money for vacations, nice cars, luxury home and no more credit debt.

There are no details with the exception of a reference to "internet marketing" and access to coaches to help buyers. However, other research online indicates that the Digitl Wave Profit Formula is actually a "how to make money with eBay" guide. While some people make good money with eBay, not many are consistently earning $5000.00 a month with it.

Incidentally, the website template introducing potential buyers to the DWPF system, uses the same template as the eHome Profit System which is equally as vague. Something to be both aware and leery of.

Buyer beware of products which do not offer specifics on to how they work.

If interested in a real way to earn money fast online, and one with a money back guarantee, Click Here!

This site does not sell the products in question here. If you purchased this product and would like a refund or have questions about the product, please return to the website you purchased the product from and read the Terms of Service for company contact information. Need Money Blog does not sell this product and has no affiliation with the company but is an informational site only.  


Need Money Blog: The End Of MyBlogLog

Yahoo informed users by email this morning, of its blog tracking service, MyBlogLog, that the end was coming in the next few months:

Dear MyBlogLog Customer,

You have been identified as a customer of Yahoo! MyBlogLog. We will officially discontinue Yahoo! MyBlogLog effective May 24, 2011. Your agreement with Yahoo!, to the extent that it applies to the Yahoo! MyBlogLog, will terminate on May 24, 2011.

After May 24, 2011 your credit card will no longer be charged for premium services on MyBlogLog. We will refund you the unused portion of your subscription, if any. The refund will appear as a credit via the billing method we have on file for you. To make sure that your billing information is correct and up to date, visit

MBL was an innovative service when it started some years ago as that it let bloggers create a profile, include a link to their blog and then connect with other bloggers. For many new bloggers, MyBlogLog helped them build traffic and readers for their fledgling blogs.

After the Yahoo buyout, it was apparent that Yahoo had few new ideas as to what to do with MBL. The content and management of the site became less frequent and features like Blogger of the Day fell by the wayside.

In recent years after the Yahoo buyout, MyBlogLog had more bloggers setting up quickie websites and asking other members to come visit their advertisers. However, there were still thousands of users and for many sites, mine included, MBL was a great way to meet others online and share your passions.

At some point in May, the little MyBlogLog box on the lower right will go dark. It's a shame, but it happens as the Internet continues evolving.

For now, I might drop by and make a few more friend requests before it all goes away forever.

Bye bye MyBlogLog.


Need Money Scam: Internet Income Wealth Kit

Maybe you have seen the ads for Melissa Johnson who claims for only an initial cost of $2.97, she was able to get the Internet Income Wealth Kit. Afterwards, Johnson claims she was able to make $3000-4000.00 a month online.

I saw the ad on a popular entertainment site about Johnson. The link was for a fake news site called IConsumer News Report. The only story they carried was about Johnson and had multiple links for the Internet Income Wealth Kit.

Again, Johnson claimed it was only $2.97 to get started. However, on the signup page, the terms were far less generous.

It's 2.97 for a trial period:

When you submit your order, you agree to pay the shipping and handling fee of $2.97 for instant access during the viewing period

After a short three days, the real price kicks in:

After your 3-day viewing period, you will be charged a ONE TIME fee of $99.95 for the full product cost.

But wait! Then more costs come every month:

Thereafter, we will charge you a $69.95 monthly website hosting and maintenance fee until you cancel our service

They even claim that they have a "streamlined version" but it costs the same:

If the product cost is declined during processing, we will provide a streamlined version of the product with fewer products available for a ONE TIME fee of $99.95.

How to cancel the Internet Income Wealth Kit:

 If you find that the product is not right for you, simply call our Customer Service Center at 1-800-299-1749

Be aware of the terms for products like these. Further, don't sign up and pay for anything unless the terms and description of the products purchased are clear and up front.

If interested in a real way to earn money fast online, and one with a money back guarantee, Click Here!

This site does not sell the products in question here. If you purchased this product and would like a refund or have questions about the product, please return to the website you purchased the product from and read the Terms of Service for company contact information. Need Money Blog does not sell this product and has no affiliation with the company but is an informational site only.  


Need Money Blog: Ten Annoying Posters On Online Forums

You read forums right? You know, something you follow, a hobby, a news site, or lifestyle site? Lot's of people read and contribute to online forums, some quite seriously.

Forums are very popular because they allow like minded people the chance to discuss and share things online. Whole communities develop, friendships (and enemies) are made online and conversations lead to ideas spreading. It's a neat and timeless concept.

However, there are many things people do online when contributing to forums which is incredibly obnoxious. Most times, such actions can be chalked up to ignorance or failure to read the FAQ for a forum. Other times, it's because the poster is just plain annoying.

Here's a Top Ten List of Annoying Things To Do On Forums

1) The SCREAMER.   THAT MEANS WRITING EVERY WORD IN CAPS. It's not 1996 anymore, everyone knows that all caps means shouting. If you are old or hard of eyesight and can't read your screen, get some glasses, a bigger monitor or turn the computer off and find another pass time.

2) The CAPS ADDICT. They CAPITALIZE every OTHER word for EMPHASIS. An occasional capped word is one thing, but so often hurts normal people's eyes. People who write like this have some emotional need to emphasize every point they make for attention. Annoying.

3) The Mystery Linker. This is a an extremely annoying habit of some posters. They start a thread with a subject like "This video will change everything!" and then provide the link and so on. No explaination or synopsis of the link. C'mon, give some clue as to what you are posting.

4) The Inside Abbreviator. This is directed at posters who use numerous abbreviations and terms that are closed to their line of work but that anyone outside of their world and also on the forum will not understand.

For instance, "All of us GSA22 know you have to have an FOB form or the super upstairs will deep six it!" What the...? Annoying.

5) The Me Too Poster. Someone who posts a terse, unspectacular response to a long post without trimming the original post. For intance..




Yeah, I agree.


6) The Spam Dropper.A thread will be in discussion and someone drops in, makes an unrelated remark and then puts out a link. The posts look like this:

What a great comment!
Say, have you ever wanted to own your own business? Check out this housewife making $50000 online! at http://www.blskjsd_dj.bza/!

7) The Oblivious. The poster who starts thread after thread without checking to see if there are duplicate threads already going. It's almost like they only know how to start a thread and not how to respond to one.

8) The Lyricist. A famous musician or singer passes away and the Lyricist has to post, in stanza format, all the lines to their favorite song. Why not just point out, "Hey, I really liked that song You Got Gnarly Teeth" and then provide a link with synposis to a video of a performance. It's almost like the Lyricist wants to take credit for the song.

9) The Big Giffer. The person who responds to a post with a jpeg or gif which is ginormous and takes five minutes to page load. Cut it out.

10) The Mystery Threader. This person starts a post with a subject line which has no information and requires the other forum members to click and read their thread. Please give complete information in the thread title. For instance:

Bank of Arizona gives out personal information to third party companies


Guess what my bank did?

I love forums and contribute to several. Maybe somehow, I can spread the word and get more people to be less annoying. Maybe I can get more FAQ to contain a list like this. Bah, why bother. Nobody, I mean NOBODY, will change ANYTHING about their FORUM POSTINGS. Say, have you checked out this link yet? It's great!


Need Money Blog: Blogging for Money

I have several blogs and do make money blogging. Right now, I receive regular checks from Clickbank, Google, CJ, Infolinks and others. Want to know how I got started and one of the key products I used to make money online from blogging?

I read Blogging To The Bank some years ago and it changed my blogging life.

An Honest Review of Blogging To The Bank 2011
By now I think most people in the world know about blogs.
What most don’t know as there is a great income to be made as well for free.

Rob Benwell is only a mere 25 years old and has already made several million dollars. Early in 2006 he shared his secrets with the world in his highly successful Blogging To The Bank ebook and has made making money online a whole lot easier for everyone.

Just over two years after the success of his first book and over 20,000 copies sold of it and to date Rob and his team have helped over 100,000 make money blogging. He is now releasing his fifth version of Blogging to the Bank as his past customers demand his very latest findings and money making systems.

I got this book as soon as I could and it covers quite a lot of new information and techniques to adapt your blog to the new demands of the major search engines. Many of the techniques in the old book are now dated and don’t work so well. This is why Blogging To The Bank 2011 is a godsend.

Also this guy doesn’t consider himself to be a “guru”, he’s just a normal guy who wants to help the little guys out. I find this a nice change as he doesn’t talk “down” to you like most of the other guys do. He explains everything in a nice simple manor so everyone can understand.

Saying that when he “goes off on one” it may take a few reads until you get it but when you do it’s just shear genius. Some of the topics in my opinion could have been covered a little more, then others went into great detail. You also get his 5 Blogging Commandments For 2011 that you must follow to give you blogs the greatest success in 2011 and keep them future proofed. This should be printed out and put on the wall of every online marketer without a doubt! His book starts off with market research (so that you are making the most of your time) to building your blogging empire. Everything is covered in this new outing that helps bloggers withtodays online issues regarding making the all mighty search engines happy.

Final Verdict: if you are out there in the blogging world and want to make money the easy way then I highly recommend Blogging To The Bank 2011.

Why work harder than you need to as the new techniques are there ready for you to simply implement.

It's Blogging To The Bank and a new, updated for 2011 version is out now. Check it out!

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