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Need Money: Top Money Makers on YouTube

YouTube is home to millions of videos, some amateur and many otherwise. The difference between amateur and professional is the ability to make a living providing a service. And some of these videos are making their creators a tidy six figure income.

How can someone make money on You Tube? The banner ads which are featured during every video. The revenue is split between Google, the parent company of You Tube, and the video creator. The more ad views, the more money. To get ad views, a video needs to be viewed a bunch of times.

What kind of money are these videos making? Try anywhere between 100,000 to 300,000.00 a year!

Check out the top You Tube video money makers...

Shane Dawson
Annual: $315,000.00
Comedy spoofs

Annoying Orange
Annual: $288,000.00

Annual: $100,000.00

Phillip DeFranco
Annual: $181,000.00

Ryan Higa
Annual: $151,000.00

Shay Carl
Annual: $130,000.00

Mediocre Films
Annual: $116,000.00

Annual: $113,000.00

Young Turks
Annual: $112,000.00
Political Talk

Natalie Tran
Annual: $101,000.00

So the verdict is in; Comedy makes good money on You Tube. And looking at these videos, most are very amateur in quality so almost anyone with a video camera and some creativity has a shot at making the big money.

But back on earth, apiring You Tube millionaires needs lots of views to make six figure pay days. Have fun...

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