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Need Money Blog: Adsense Competitive Filter

If you have a blog and are using Google AdSense to monetize your site, then you probably have seen ads which do not fit with your blog's theme or possibly are a direct competitor to your site. You can do something about this with the AdSense Competitive Ad Filter.

Far too many times, I have checked my sites and seen ads which have no relation to my blog content. Google is great, but even their algorhythm software makes mistakes.

Luckily, I can use the Google Competitive Filter to remove ads based upon the URL. There are a number of reasons to do this..

First is competitive content. If your blog is about "earning money fast", you sure as heck don't want an AdSense ad for "another blog about making money online". These ads can be removed with the Filter tool.

Second, ads which may not be right for your readers. Politics, adult or inappropriate content and so forth.

Next are unrelated ads. For some reason or another, I often have what I call "filler ads" - ads which have no relation to my blog content and I cannot figure out why they are on my site.

To use the ad filter, go to Google AdSense, login and click Adsense Setup.

Five links over is the Competitive Ad Filter.

There are several ways to filter ads - by URL (, but domain name ( or subdomain ( Domain is the broadest category as it blocks any ads from that domain. Be careful with this large of a filter.

Ad the domains or URL you wish to filter and click save. The filter will put them all in alphabetical order for easy review and editing later.

The Google AdSense Competitive Ad Filter is another great way to manage the advertisements on your blog and hopefully, increase your monetization.

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