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Need Money Blog: Need Money Now? Can You Earn Money Now?

Some of the top searches on the internet is "how to make money fast", "earn money now" and "to make money fast". It makes sense; many are turning to the internet to make extra money especially now in our poor economy.

Add to that, a number of promoters and authors like to talk about "systems and books which can make you money right away" as if such a thing exists.

There are great systems for making money online, but let's get realistic about how long it takes to get from a an revenue producing action (click or ebook sale) online versus how soon that money is in your hands.

AdSense - everyone loves Google Adsense and for good reason. The search engine giant is also an advertising giant earning hundreds of millions of dollars annually in targeted advertising revenue. Publishers of websites (like this one) make money whenever a visitor clicks on one of the AdSense ads. Some publishers purportedly make hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month from AdSense.

So when do you get paid? Right away? No. AdSense checks are cut one month only AFTER monthly earnings top $100.00, (monthly revenue less than $100.00 is "rolled" to the next month). So let's say in February Adsense reports $132.00 in advertising revenue. The publisher will receive the check at the end of March at the earliest for those earnings. So while AdSense is a great way to make money online, don't expect it to arrive within a few days.

Kontera - Kontera is another contextual advertising medium like AdSense which places ads within the content of a website based upon keywords. Publishers again, receive a portion of the revenue when their ads are clicked upon by visitors.

When do publishers get their check from Kontera? It works the same way as AdSense. Once the monthly earnings threshold has been passed, publishers receive their check at the end of the following month (usually at the beginning of the month after that from my experience). The good thing about Kontera is the threshold has been reduced from $100.00 to $50.00 which means publishers getting started out will see revenue sooner rather than later.(Don't forget that monthly Kontera revenue LESS than $5.00 is forfeited; amounts above 5.00 are "rolled" to the next month).

Clickbank - Clickbank is a market for digital products like software and ebooks. Most products are one time charges but others have monthly recurring prices.

Publishers who include Clickbank products on their sites receive a portion of the sales price (25 - 75%) from the product creator for each sale. When do publishers get paid? Better than through other sites. Clickbank bases all sales on a week which runs from Wednesday to Wednesday. Afterwards, sales are tabulated and paid during the next pay windown, generally one week later. Most publishers are paid by check and in my experience, the checks arrive two days after they are cut. There is a $100.00 threshold.

So, let's say you sell a few ebooks on your site and earn about $118.00. If the sales are between Wednesday 02/02/2010 and 02/09/2010, then that week would end and the revenue held for one week or so. After earnings are calculated, a portion of the revenue is held in case of refunds, but the remainder, as long as it is over $100.00, is sent by check. Theoretically, publishers can get paid every two weeks as long as their sales are over the threshold and there are no refunds.

This is why Clickbank is used and promoted by so many website owners and publishers because of the speed of pay.

PayDotCom - PDC is another market for digital products. However, PDC works a little bit different. Resellers of products are paid at the end of each month but by PayPal only. So revenues are received a little bit faster than with other resale services, but only through online transfer and at the end of the month.

Cashcrate - Cashcrate is a funny little way to complete surveys and other online offers and make some extra money online. Sure, you are not really creating original content or websites, but you can easily earn $20 a week or more with cashcrate as long as you fill out those surveys.

Cashcrate pays every month on the 15th and by check only. So, if you need money in 48 hours to pay the electric bill, this is not the best option.

So, if you need to pay the rent or other bill, there are not many online options which can produce cash right away. You can always sell something on eBay or create a private label rights product (like an ebook) and sell it, but you will still have to wait two weeks to 30 days before you get a check or wire transfer. It is best to plan accordingly when needing to "earn money now".

Good luck and stick with it!

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