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Need Money Blog: Mini Sites - Earn Money Online

There is a lot of buzz these days with a concept called "mini sites" and earning money online. Naturally, there are a number of guides for sale which purportedly tell buyers how to make mini sites and money online.

Here's what a mini site is: A keyword named website which focuses on the sale of a single product.

For instance, go to Amazon. Pick out a high dollar product with limited competition. I randomly chose a Bessey MDR-69 Woodworking Top Seller Clamp Set listed at $1899.99.

(Make sure you are in Amazon's Associate program if you promote any of thier products; that way you get a commission if you sell anything).

Next go to GoDaddy and get a cheap domain name. ".info" domains are less than $1.00. Then set up a cheap hosting account on GoDaddy as well. The domain you want is the same as the product you are promoting, in this case Bessey MDR-69 Woodworking Top Seller Clamp Set so the domain would be

Go on the internet and find a free website template. Download it on your computer.

Then go to Google AdWords and look for the external keyword tool. Input the name of your product - Bessey MDR-69 Woodworking Clamp Set - and search for keyword ideas.

Find keywords which are related to your product and which have a decent number of searches, say 1000 - 9000 searches a month. Use these keywords to help write content for your website.

Now put together the website using the template you downloaded. Include a nice picture of the Bessey Clamp Set (which links to Amazon using your Associates link) and at least two articles about the product and how great it is (also which include links to Amazon using your Associates ID).

At the bottom of the website, include pictures and links to some other related products also for sale on Amazon.

Make sure your website includes the standard requirements for Google - An About Us page, a Contact page, a disclaimer about third party ads and that the site is selling something. Also, include a stat counter so you can track traffic to your site. You can use Google Analytics.

Now upload your finished page to your hosting account on GoDaddy.

Now check out your site and make sure the links work. Now go promote it.

You should use bookmarking sites featured in OnlyWire, AddThis, etc.

You should also use BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog and Google Bookmarks and Yahoo Bookmarks. This will get the site listed in the search engines quickly.

Now your mini site is done. Check it regularly and watch for keywords which may improve your organic search results.

Finally, use this template and go build about 100 more of these sites and that is the concept behind mini sites.


a) a product which you can sell and earn affiliate money from.
b) a domain and website only about the product.
c) quick design and uploading of the website. Don't spend days designing the site, its not worth the time.
d) Promote the site. Traffic is everything.
e) Track the site performance.

There you go - mini sites in a nutshell. Now, if you want to earn money online and make money fast, here is a neat and fast way to do it.

Good luck!

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