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Need Money Blog: The AdSense Blog

Many blogs are created for the sole purpose of making money from Google AdSense ads - in short, the adsense blog. But what happens when Adsense revenue is down and no longer making as much money with the blog?

Blogs are a great way to make money and share a writer's creativity and ideas. While some blogs do not lend themselves to revenue, most blogs can be monetized and many can bring in good money for the publisher.

Google Adsense is a great way to make money with a blog. The ads presented are based upon the writer's content, thus they are relevant and of interest to the reader. Adsense also pays a fair percentage of the ad revenue directly to the writer. It's a win-win for all.

However, sometimes Adsense revenue falls short of a blogger's expectations. This can be due to content, but bear in mind, AdSense and advertising revenue in general, fluctuates for many reasons - the time of year, the price advertisers are willing to pay, a poor economy, the liklihood visitors will do something the advertiser wants (fill out a form, give information or buy something).

Listen the frustration of people trying to "make money with blog" and hear how they check their adsense revenue daily and can't understand why their numbers are lower than before or lower than they expected. It's understandable.

There are some things bloggers can do if their adsense revenue or any other source of revenue is down.

- Consider adding affiliate marketing products to the mix. Google Adsense allows other forms of advertising on the same sites. Something different such as e-books or other product which is relative to the blog content.

- Add direct product sales from a retailer through Amazon or Commission Junction.

- Add a subscription option. Some readers may be willing to pay a nominal monthly fee for reserve content delivered directly to their inbox.

- How about donations? Add a Paypal button to a blog and ask for donations from readers who enjoy the content.

- Find advertisers directly by adding an "Advertise Here" button on the blog. Have visitors directed to a page with rates, ad formats, etc.

The adsense blog is a great concept, but remember to always use original self produced content and have a unique topic which readers (and advertisers) find valuable.

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