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Need Money Blog: Google AdSense Help

My Google AdSense check arrived this week and before I took it to the bank, a friend asked "What is the secret to making money with Google AdSense?". They then went on about how they had put some ads on their website or blog and only made a few pennies before taking the ads off.

Clearly, the need for AdSense help is out there for new and aspiring bloggers. The idea of making a few dollars (or thousand!) extra a day from ads which magically populate themselves on a blog sounds pretty cool. But there must be a key to making Google AdSense work well enough to keep the ads on a site.

Google AdSense Help

First, should you do ads or not?

If your website or blog is about personal matters, daily thoughts (musings seems to be a popular name for these blogs) or rants, Google AdSense is probably not for you. AdSense takes content and finds related ads. If you think your blog lends itself well to advertisers, then read on.

What type of ads?

Advertisers may not like this, but text ads do better than image or video ads. By doing better, it means that visitors click the ads and the publisher (you) make some money. When setting up AdSense, use text ads rather than image ads. Blogger has a tendancy to default to image ads upon setup so be aware of this.

Big ads or little?

That completely depends upon the individual site and the layout. My own take is the 250x250 block at the top of the page does better than any other format. The sidebars are mediocre in results, but fill in some space with potential revenue opportunties. The little info links are handy for tight spaces. The long across the top or bottom ads have so-so results for me as well. Placing block ads between blog posts is very successful.

Which colors of ads should I use?

Blend with the layout of the blog. The reality is, most website visitors are familiar with ads; they don't fall for website stunts to fool them into thinking an ad is content. However, ads should not stick out like a sore thumb. They should flow naturally with the layout as to create a pleasing view to the visitor. That encourages the visitor to stay longer, explore content and possibly see an ad which interests them.

Which colors, designs or tactics should I avoid with Adsense?

Read the terms of service for Google. DON'T encourage visitors to click ads. DON'T go on the internet, visit forums and ask visitors to click ads. DON'T hide ads in pictures or other content. All will result in an AdSense account getting banned. Google knows all the tricks.

Instead, DO write original content. DO use good ad placement. DO focus on getting lots of bonefide traffic to a blog. DO measure and alter a blog or website to increase visitors and clickthrus.

Should I concentrate of one big site or several smaller sites for AdSense revenue?

The jury is out on that one as I know people who are successful with both. I encourage a new publisher to focus on one site, make it good, get visitors and only when things are going well, move on to another interest. Others say build lots of little sites and focus on getting traffic to each. Do what works best for you, your time and your sanity.

Finally, Google AdSense is a very cool way to monetize a site. However, be aware that it should be part of a complete strategy including advertisements, product and affiliate sales.


Need Money Scam: Home Business Success System

Ads for the Home Business Success System are popping up this week on popular websites. Don't be fooled - read the fine print and find out the real cost!

The ad was on a popular news site.

"Work At Home Mom Makes $7,197/Month Part-Time"

I clicked over and was taken to a website for News 7 Daily also known as "The Wall Street Gazette News" .com. Again, the "mom" was the nefarious Kelly Richards - the stay at home mom from [YOURTOWN] who makes thousands of dollars a month peddling these "earn money fast" scams.

"Richards" claims she makes money "posting links" "they" give her..

but I can use the internet. I post links that are given to me, I don't even have to sell anything and nobody has to buy anything. They are constantly recruiting people to post links, you should try it."

The product which saved her life she calls the Home Income Kit. I clicked over and found it was a sign up form for something called the Home Business Success System.

The new page offers next to no information how "Kelly Richards" or new buyers will get "links to post". In fact, they don't offer any information about the product at all other than it is sponsored by a company called SMC.

There is an entry form which requires buyers enter their name, email and phone number. At that point, visitors are taken to another website which asks for more information including payment and address. Nothing more except for "Your success is our success" and "Instant access to your own online company" and "No experience neccessary".

But there are payment terms which buyers should be aware of but are often overlooked.

Buyers who give their payment information are charged 9.95 for a 30 day trial to SMC

You have 30 days to receive and review your SMC Business Kit and get comfortable with the program.

After 30 days, a monthly charge will be posted to buyer's account

Afterwards, your membership will remain active with a monthly charge on the credit card provided of $39.95

None of this was mentioned on the sales page with Kelly Richards in fact, she claims the package is only $9.95. And Richards claims that buyers will then get access to links to post and will start making money..

Follow the directions and set up an account. Then you will be given website links to post. Start posting those links. Everything is tracked in a system that will show you how much money you are making(see above image).
(Author's note - the image mentioned is from Google and has nothing to do with anything described in the sales or ad pages)

None of this claim is evident in the sign up form for the SMC Home Business Success System. In the Terms for the Home Business Success System, there is no information about how buyers make money, where they will get "links" to post and what those "links" are for.

Disatisfied customers can cancel their membership by calling SMC..

just notify Member Services at (1-877-523-9088) or go to

This product is another using the same methods as known scam products. Buyer beware!

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This site does not sell the products in question here. If you purchased this product and would like a refund or have questions about the product, please return to the website you purchased the product from and read the Terms of Service for company contact information. Need Money Blog does not sell this product and has no affiliation with the company but is an informational site only.


Need Money Blog: The AdSense Blog

Many blogs are created for the sole purpose of making money from Google AdSense ads - in short, the adsense blog. But what happens when Adsense revenue is down and no longer making as much money with the blog?

Blogs are a great way to make money and share a writer's creativity and ideas. While some blogs do not lend themselves to revenue, most blogs can be monetized and many can bring in good money for the publisher.

Google Adsense is a great way to make money with a blog. The ads presented are based upon the writer's content, thus they are relevant and of interest to the reader. Adsense also pays a fair percentage of the ad revenue directly to the writer. It's a win-win for all.

However, sometimes Adsense revenue falls short of a blogger's expectations. This can be due to content, but bear in mind, AdSense and advertising revenue in general, fluctuates for many reasons - the time of year, the price advertisers are willing to pay, a poor economy, the liklihood visitors will do something the advertiser wants (fill out a form, give information or buy something).

Listen the frustration of people trying to "make money with blog" and hear how they check their adsense revenue daily and can't understand why their numbers are lower than before or lower than they expected. It's understandable.

There are some things bloggers can do if their adsense revenue or any other source of revenue is down.

- Consider adding affiliate marketing products to the mix. Google Adsense allows other forms of advertising on the same sites. Something different such as e-books or other product which is relative to the blog content.

- Add direct product sales from a retailer through Amazon or Commission Junction.

- Add a subscription option. Some readers may be willing to pay a nominal monthly fee for reserve content delivered directly to their inbox.

- How about donations? Add a Paypal button to a blog and ask for donations from readers who enjoy the content.

- Find advertisers directly by adding an "Advertise Here" button on the blog. Have visitors directed to a page with rates, ad formats, etc.

The adsense blog is a great concept, but remember to always use original self produced content and have a unique topic which readers (and advertisers) find valuable.

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Need Money Blog: Making Money From Blogging

A few years ago, a revolutionary new ebook hit the internet which described how to make money from blogging. I purchased the course and still use some tried and true methods described within to monetize my blogs. Now I make good money in addition to my job which I can use any way I want - fun, food, going out, etc.

Now, Blogging To The Bank has a new version which is worth taking a look at. I did and am in the process of publicizing my review. Take a look!

Blogging Espionage... Honest Review!

So Blogging Espionage has just launched and there's uproar in the industry already...

What Is This Secret New Method?

Well, I was lucky enough to secure an early copy of the system so I could review it for Rob (the creator) and it I must say it's unlike anything else on the market.

The site, although it seems like hype is honest and true... This isn't about any of the usual methods like Adwords, PPC, SEO, Media Buying, CPA, Ebay, Article marketing or the likes.

No... This is something I hadn't heard about and I'd happily join Rob and bet you haven't heard of this strategy for making money before.

Now I got access to just 3 days before the launch and one of Rob's team told me that if I do this right away I'd actually make money before the launch.

Yeah right?

I wanted to give it a go so I've spent 3 hours per day working on this and this is now the 4th day... Blogging Espionage launched yesterday.

The Results...

Well it's a pleasent surprize... I've actually made $803 and I could easily turn this into $5,000 by the 7 day mark using the further steps in the system.

I didn't expect this but I can honestly say this is the one product I'd recommend 100% if you need money fast and don't want to wait months for results.

Now, there are only a limited number so it may have sold out by now but if not then grab a copy while you can.

Just click below:

Need Money Blog: Mini Sites - Earn Money Online

There is a lot of buzz these days with a concept called "mini sites" and earning money online. Naturally, there are a number of guides for sale which purportedly tell buyers how to make mini sites and money online.

Here's what a mini site is: A keyword named website which focuses on the sale of a single product.

For instance, go to Amazon. Pick out a high dollar product with limited competition. I randomly chose a Bessey MDR-69 Woodworking Top Seller Clamp Set listed at $1899.99.

(Make sure you are in Amazon's Associate program if you promote any of thier products; that way you get a commission if you sell anything).

Next go to GoDaddy and get a cheap domain name. ".info" domains are less than $1.00. Then set up a cheap hosting account on GoDaddy as well. The domain you want is the same as the product you are promoting, in this case Bessey MDR-69 Woodworking Top Seller Clamp Set so the domain would be

Go on the internet and find a free website template. Download it on your computer.

Then go to Google AdWords and look for the external keyword tool. Input the name of your product - Bessey MDR-69 Woodworking Clamp Set - and search for keyword ideas.

Find keywords which are related to your product and which have a decent number of searches, say 1000 - 9000 searches a month. Use these keywords to help write content for your website.

Now put together the website using the template you downloaded. Include a nice picture of the Bessey Clamp Set (which links to Amazon using your Associates link) and at least two articles about the product and how great it is (also which include links to Amazon using your Associates ID).

At the bottom of the website, include pictures and links to some other related products also for sale on Amazon.

Make sure your website includes the standard requirements for Google - An About Us page, a Contact page, a disclaimer about third party ads and that the site is selling something. Also, include a stat counter so you can track traffic to your site. You can use Google Analytics.

Now upload your finished page to your hosting account on GoDaddy.

Now check out your site and make sure the links work. Now go promote it.

You should use bookmarking sites featured in OnlyWire, AddThis, etc.

You should also use BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog and Google Bookmarks and Yahoo Bookmarks. This will get the site listed in the search engines quickly.

Now your mini site is done. Check it regularly and watch for keywords which may improve your organic search results.

Finally, use this template and go build about 100 more of these sites and that is the concept behind mini sites.


a) a product which you can sell and earn affiliate money from.
b) a domain and website only about the product.
c) quick design and uploading of the website. Don't spend days designing the site, its not worth the time.
d) Promote the site. Traffic is everything.
e) Track the site performance.

There you go - mini sites in a nutshell. Now, if you want to earn money online and make money fast, here is a neat and fast way to do it.

Good luck!

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Need Money Blog: How to power up blogs with Squidoo

Whenever I sit down with someone and tell them that I earn money online, they invariably ask "How can you make money online? It seems really hard."

Yep, it is. I built my first website more than ten years ago, but I did not actively start trying to make money online until about six or seven years ago. And I failed big time.

I built websites and covered them with AdSense and Amazon links and wished a thousand people a day would flood my sites, click on all my ad links and buy all my stuff. I dreamed about a big $500 check landing in my mail box each month....

Never happened.

Part of the problem was I had no idea how making money online worked. I did not know about the four "pillars", as I call them, of online success.

1) Money making topic
2) Original content, keyword optimized
3) Revenue generating related products
4) Traffic, traffic, traffic

Once I got my head around those four key pillars, the rest is just work. Then there is my own disposition towards cost. I hate spending money to make money. I don't mean educational material or paying for traffic, but paying for hosting, domains, disk space, etc.

I love making money online on the cheap for little if no money at all.

That is why I love all the free website platforms which are available and powering them up with Squidoo. You have seen and heard about Squidoo by now. If not, here goes.

Squidoo is a place where anyone can create an informational website about any subject they want. These websites are called a "lens". Squidoo is better than most other free websites because it has such a high page rank. Search engines love Squidoo.

The best way to use Squidoo is as a way to get traffic to your blog. But you have to be smart about it.

One mistake I made early on with Squidoo was making one big long lens with lots of information about many different subjects. The end result was a dilluted mess of keywords and no traffic.

The secret to Squidoo is to make individual lenses about a single topic.

For instance, let's say you have found a really great product on Clickbank you know you could sell. You have created a blog and are regularly churning out lots of great original content optimized to encourage buyers to purchase your product.

The next step is to help buyers interested in your product the ability to find your blog.

Create a Squidoo lens based upon the keywords which best describe your product or the problem it solves for the buyer. Keep the lens short and to the point. An opening which contains a link to your blog, a text section about the problem, a link to the sales page for the product, an RSS feed from your blog and a guestbook.

Optimize your lens by including tags on the lens which can further generate traffic to your lens and ultimately to either the product sales page or your blog.

Publish your lens and favorite it, RSS it, bookmark it, etc.

Given time, two things will happen. First, your blog will get traffic from the lens. Second, your lens will make some sales on its own and generate some revenue as well.

Every single one of my blogs has at least one Squidoo lens attached to it; some have multiple lenses to reflect the keywords I am trying to promote.

Remember the four pillars to any blog and remember to use Squidoo to promote your blog for more traffic and hopefully, more money.

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Need Money Scam: Web Profit System

Kim Barnes tells World 3 News that she makes $6000 to 7000.00 a month online using the Web Profit System. One problem - it's not true. Read on.

The ads are everywhere. In a poor economy, people are searching for ways to "earn money now" and "make money fast". And they are falling for get rich quit plans which will not produce the results they think.

Take the Web Profit System. It is advertised on line on fake news sites like World 3 News that are actually not news stations but advertisements.

Next, Web Profit ads use imaginary people like Kim Barnes and claims she lives in your town. She doesn't; that's a software trick. Don't fall for it.

Then, Barnes claims she makes money by simply "posting links she is given". Incorrect. Nobody makes money by only "posting links". That scam has been around for years now. Don't fall for it.

Then Barnes claims that she learned all she needed to know by purchasing the Web Profit System and that she only had to pay for shipping. That's the big whopper. The real costs are hidden in the fine print and it is not $1.95 or whatever they claim this time.

Finally, the ad claims that the Web Profit System is BBB A+ rated. This means that the Better Business Bureau has given this product an A+ rating. However, a search of the BBB does not show any product called the Web Profit System or Club.

Clicking any of the numerous links for the Web Profit System, visitors are taken to a site renamed the Web Profit Club. The terms of sale are way at the bottom of the page, but here are the particulars..

By acting today, I will get my first 7 days for just $1.97

Then comes the high monthly charges..

By submitting an order, You agree to Web Profit Club, and bill me $79.99 every 30 days until I cancel.

So even if buyers only want the "trial" they are agreeing to the nearly $80 monthly charges.

To cancel, buyers have to phone the Web Profit System

If You wish to cancel and not be billed, You must call Web Profit Club LLC toll-free at 877-669-2970

So there are high monthly charges buyers will be liable for if they sign up for the Web Profit System.

Be aware of these charges and research any and all products sold online before making any purchase.

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This site does not sell the products in question here. If you purchased this product and would like a refund or have questions about the product, please return to the website you purchased the product from and read the Terms of Service for company contact information. Need Money Blog does not sell this product and has no affiliation with the company but is an informational site only.


Need Money Blog: Need Money Now? Can You Earn Money Now?

Some of the top searches on the internet is "how to make money fast", "earn money now" and "to make money fast". It makes sense; many are turning to the internet to make extra money especially now in our poor economy.

Add to that, a number of promoters and authors like to talk about "systems and books which can make you money right away" as if such a thing exists.

There are great systems for making money online, but let's get realistic about how long it takes to get from a an revenue producing action (click or ebook sale) online versus how soon that money is in your hands.

AdSense - everyone loves Google Adsense and for good reason. The search engine giant is also an advertising giant earning hundreds of millions of dollars annually in targeted advertising revenue. Publishers of websites (like this one) make money whenever a visitor clicks on one of the AdSense ads. Some publishers purportedly make hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month from AdSense.

So when do you get paid? Right away? No. AdSense checks are cut one month only AFTER monthly earnings top $100.00, (monthly revenue less than $100.00 is "rolled" to the next month). So let's say in February Adsense reports $132.00 in advertising revenue. The publisher will receive the check at the end of March at the earliest for those earnings. So while AdSense is a great way to make money online, don't expect it to arrive within a few days.

Kontera - Kontera is another contextual advertising medium like AdSense which places ads within the content of a website based upon keywords. Publishers again, receive a portion of the revenue when their ads are clicked upon by visitors.

When do publishers get their check from Kontera? It works the same way as AdSense. Once the monthly earnings threshold has been passed, publishers receive their check at the end of the following month (usually at the beginning of the month after that from my experience). The good thing about Kontera is the threshold has been reduced from $100.00 to $50.00 which means publishers getting started out will see revenue sooner rather than later.(Don't forget that monthly Kontera revenue LESS than $5.00 is forfeited; amounts above 5.00 are "rolled" to the next month).

Clickbank - Clickbank is a market for digital products like software and ebooks. Most products are one time charges but others have monthly recurring prices.

Publishers who include Clickbank products on their sites receive a portion of the sales price (25 - 75%) from the product creator for each sale. When do publishers get paid? Better than through other sites. Clickbank bases all sales on a week which runs from Wednesday to Wednesday. Afterwards, sales are tabulated and paid during the next pay windown, generally one week later. Most publishers are paid by check and in my experience, the checks arrive two days after they are cut. There is a $100.00 threshold.

So, let's say you sell a few ebooks on your site and earn about $118.00. If the sales are between Wednesday 02/02/2010 and 02/09/2010, then that week would end and the revenue held for one week or so. After earnings are calculated, a portion of the revenue is held in case of refunds, but the remainder, as long as it is over $100.00, is sent by check. Theoretically, publishers can get paid every two weeks as long as their sales are over the threshold and there are no refunds.

This is why Clickbank is used and promoted by so many website owners and publishers because of the speed of pay.

PayDotCom - PDC is another market for digital products. However, PDC works a little bit different. Resellers of products are paid at the end of each month but by PayPal only. So revenues are received a little bit faster than with other resale services, but only through online transfer and at the end of the month.

Cashcrate - Cashcrate is a funny little way to complete surveys and other online offers and make some extra money online. Sure, you are not really creating original content or websites, but you can easily earn $20 a week or more with cashcrate as long as you fill out those surveys.

Cashcrate pays every month on the 15th and by check only. So, if you need money in 48 hours to pay the electric bill, this is not the best option.

So, if you need to pay the rent or other bill, there are not many online options which can produce cash right away. You can always sell something on eBay or create a private label rights product (like an ebook) and sell it, but you will still have to wait two weeks to 30 days before you get a check or wire transfer. It is best to plan accordingly when needing to "earn money now".

Good luck and stick with it!

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