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Need Money Scam: Automatic Profit System

An affiliate for Automatic Profit System is using the same advertising techniques used to advertise Home Profit System and Blackbelt Profit System. Read the fine print and learn about a hidden discount before buying.

Also, as always, prospective buyers for any online product should research the name of the product first. Use the Google search box and enter in Automatic Profit System and find out what other buyers might have experienced first.

I heard about the Automatic Profit System some time ago. It was heavily advertised to the affiliate marketing community under a different name, Automatic Wealth System. That version of the product was allegedly penned by Jeff Jackson who has now morphed into Ryan Jackson under the new product. Again, Automatic Profit System follows the same mantra as many other product, "Make money online selling other people's stuff".

Automatic Profit System shows buyers how the author allegedly made money selling digital e-books online. The ad page shows a well known e-book vendors website with hundreds of dollars in daily sales. But what the ad does not tell buyers is exactly how they acheived those numbers; selling e-books is a crowded and competitive field.

The problem is with the advertising campaign I recently saw for Automatic Profit System is that is was using the same marketing plan that some questionable products have used in the recent past.

This campaign features "mom" Stephaie Albion, from "your town" (using an old piece of computer code which changes the name of the hometown based upon where the website visitor comes from). The ads also use the "news site" - News 10 Reports - to make the ad for Automatic Profit System look like a bone fide news story which it is not.

The link to Automatic Profit System is not a simple signup form, but a sales letter which the author uses to describe how he makes money online.

There are plenty of "Buy Now" links on the sales letter site for Automatic Profit System and if buyers decide to buy it, are told they will receive a $100.00 rebate. However, the purchase page says the product is $97.00. Who knows how that works.

Research any product such as Automatic Profit System online before buying it. Use the Google search box, enter the search term and find out what other buyers might have experienced first.

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This site does not sell the Automatic Profit System nor does it provide any opinion or testimonials whether or not the product works. Rather, this is a review of one affiliate marketer's advertising campaign of the product and a suggestion for buyers to save money on the product should they decide to purchase.

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