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Need Money Blog: I Got An Ebates Check

I signed up for Ebates a few months ago and today I received my first check!

Ebates is a neat idea. Let's say you buy something online like a plane ticket or music. Normally, a buyer goes to the seller's website and makes the purchase direct. However, many companies have affiliates which market their products for them and pay them a portion of the sale.

Ebates is an affiliate for several companies and rather than keep the entire commission for each sale, they share it with the buyer.

So let's say a buyer books a flight on Orbitz through Ebates. Ebates gives a pecentage of their commission from Orbitz back to the customer. Sometimes the rebate back to the buyers is only .50 or $1.00. But they often run specials and the rebates can really ad up.

For instance, if a buyer purchases something through Macy's not only do they get 3% cash back, they also get a free gift. Children's Place has an additional 15% discount only available online through EBates plus 3% cash back. That's like getting 18% off a purchase.

My EBates check was not very large; I only made three purchases online, but I have more rebates pending and am now starting to make purchases through EBates more often. Its a great little way to make some money online.

Check out EBates here and see the savings for yourself. You will probably wonder why you had not done this earlier, like I did.

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