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You better sit down. I've got some
bad news for you.

For you and 90% of other online marketers
out there.

I was doing some research on the web a
couple days ago, and I came across an
absolutely shocking statistic...

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...and brace yourself, because this is a
real gut check moment...

Did you know that 90% PLUS of all online
businesses fail inside the first 3 months?

They don't make ANY money, and they
fold under the pressure.

Think about what that means for just a
second... got any buddies who are trying
to make money online?

Well, out of a hundred, only a handful will

Same with everyone you know in forums,
through Facebook, Twitter, whatever.

Almost all of them will fail.

And I'm not just spinning you a line here.
These are facts, cold hard facts.

I got them from Business Matters magazine.

Scary thought isn't it?

Well, to be honest, it doesn't have to be
scary at all.

Most of these guys that are failing and
giving up (and there are thousands of them
doing it every month), are failing for one
big ugly reason:

They have NO idea what they're doing.

They're just bouncing around from one thing
to the next hoping that somehow they make
money. And let's be honest - why would
anybody be able to make money like that?

If it was that simple, we'd all be millionaires...

...and that's where my friend Michael Jones
comes in.

He told me he was flat out sick and tired of
seeing good people having their dreams crushed,
and limping back to awful jobs they HATE.

So he developed The Cash Code.

It's an almost-foolproof system for making
money online, as quickly and simply as

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Listen, Mike's concentrated on making this
as EASY as possible to make money with.

So you don't need to worry about not being
able to build web pages, or put links together
or anything like that.

This is very very easy stuff - if you've
completed more than a couple of years
at school, and you can spell your own
name (you can, right?), you can do this.

No exaggeration.

You see, making money online is nowhere
near as tough as people make out. Sometimes,
it's as easy as copying something from one
page, and pasting it on another.

And you'll see how Michael used such simple
techniques to make over a hundred grand,
in just 29 days.

See how simple they are for yourself:

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So listen - if you want to separate yourself
from the other 90% - the ones who are
going to definitely fail - then you need
something to help you succeed... you
need a system that's already PROVEN
to help others succeed.

Here it is:

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Check it out now, and get ready to start
separating yourself from the people who
are definitely going to fail...

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