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Need Money Scam: Web Profit Club

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Updated - May 2010. Read the FULL REVIEW here including the details on the HIDDEN COSTS of the Web Profit Club - a new "make money online" kit being advertised online.

"Make $17.00 an hour!" the ad screams. Michelle Richardson tells US Dream Jobs that she makes $5000-7000.00 a month with the new Web Profit Club. How? By posting links online that's how! Wow! 

Maybe you have seen the same ad on You know the one that says "They are constantly recruiting people to post links, you should try it." There are over 350 positions available just for [your home town]"? And that Web Profit Club is BBB A+ rated?

It's a scam. Sure, Web Profit Club will send you some sort of kit, but there is no way to make money online which makes it easy to earn $17.00 an hour part time with your computer. And then there are the hidden fees. Didn't see those did you? Most of all, nobody pays anyone to simply "post links".

US Dream Jobs is a fake news site which is the popular way to dupe unsuspecting buyers into falling for an online offer. Michelle Richardson is a fake person and the website uses a software trick to make it sound like she lives in your home town. The picture featured in the ad for Web Profit Club was lifted off the internet and has been used for several other ads.

World3News is also a fake news site and advertises the Web Profit Club with an imaginary "mom" known as Kim Barnes.

Next, Richardson and Barnes claim they make $5000 and more a month posting links. Nobody pays anyone for simply "posting links". That is a scam claim which has been around forever; don't fall for it. Also, Richardson and Barnes claim that buyers will make $500 to 1500.00 after they post their first link. This is a bold face lie.

The rest of the article/ad claims that the Web Profit Club only costs $1.98 for shipping and handling. Be careful there because there is a big fat hidden fee tucked away deep in the terms and conditions for sale.
Also, the ad claims that Web Profit Club is "BBB A+ rated".  This implies that the Better Business Bureau has given Web Profit Club an A+ rating. I checked the BBB's website and found nothing which validates this claim.

Clicking the Web Profit Club link, visitors are take to a slick sign up site with lots of pretty pictures and claims of "make money online", "work from home" and "paying off debts and bills" and so forth. Visitors to the Web Profit Club are encouraged to sign up to see if they qualify for "membership". Guess what? Everyone is accepted (with a working credit card of course!).

But before we pay, let's check those hidden terms for the secret fees.

First comes the trial period and charges: 

By acting today, I will get my first 7 days for just $1.97.

Then comes the big whopper charge a few days later! 

By submitting an order, You agree to Web Profit Club, and bill me $69.99 every 30 days until I cancel. 

The newer ad on World3News actually has a higher price!

By submitting an order, You agree to Web Profit Club, and bill me $79.99 every 30 days until I cancel

And that is every month until you cancel.

But how can you cancel the Web Profit Club? 

I may cancel any time by calling is 877-669-2971, or by emailing

Keep that number handy if you sign up.

There are no guarantees or information how buyers will make money online with the Web Profit Club and the claims that buyers will make $500 to 1500.00 after posting their first link online is simply not true.

Be careful if considering the Web Profit Club.

Here's a real opportunity to make money online - Money Back Guarantee!

This site does not sell the products in question here. If you purchased this product and would like a refund or have questions about the product, please return to the website you purchased the product from and read the Terms of Service for company contact information. Need Money Blog does not sell this product and has no affiliation with the company but is an informational site only.


Need Money: 10 Reasons Ferraris are for losers

I just opened a link to a new "make money online" book and featured prominently on the sale page was purpotedly the author standing next to his Ferrari. The car, it is implied, was purchased with all the bucks he made online.

I like making money online and enjoy reading stories about others who are more successful at it than me. It is motivational. However, I would never make a million dollars and quickly go out and buy a Ferrari. Why? Ferraris are for losers. Here's why...

Cars are lousy investments - A new Ferrari goes for $180,000.00 to over 300,000.00. A used 308 can be found for less than $35,000.00. Unlike a house or stocks, cars drop in value from the moment they are driven off the sales lot. Only a loser puts so much money is such a bad investment.

Insurance costs a fortune for a Ferrari - Call your car insurance agent and ask how much a policy on that Ferrari will cost. Only a loser would tack that much on to his monthly bills.

Where do you park a Ferrari? Get used to driving that Ferrari because you will never feel secure enough to park it anywhere except in the garage at home. Someone may ding the door, key it out of jealousy or worse, steal it. No rest for the loser Ferrari driver.

Ferrari drivers are compensating for something - Every Ferrari driver I see is a middle aged (or older!) man. Sure, you made some coin and can afford the car, but what are you trying to prove by flaunting it around? Worse, what shortcoming is the Ferrari driver trying to make up for? Hmmm..

Ferrari wreck repairs will require a second mortgage - Imagine how much a replacement door, front quarter panel or hood goes for at the Ferrari body shop? Now, how cool is that car, loser?

Ferraris are a waste of speed - Loser: "My Ferrari tops out at 185MPH." Me: "Wow. So which street can you drive that fast on? How about half that fast? Ummmm... nowhere. Now why did you buy that car?"

Ferraris are eye candy - To cops. Especially the kind who like exotic cars they can never afford but who like to hand out tickets. May I see your license and proof of overpriced insurance, loser?

Young guys who drive Ferraris are dorks - Either they inherited the money to buy it or Daddy gave it to them for their 21st birthday. No need to get a sign which says Loser, the car does it for you.

Who buys a car they can only drive one day a week for show? Especially a $250,000.00 car? Give me a L! Give me an O! Give me a S! Give me a E! Give me an R! What's it spell?

Top 10 reason Ferraris are for losers - Loser: "Ferraris are great for picking up chicks."
Me: "Sure, if the girl is a money grubbing, gold digger who wants to be seen with anybody, even a dork, who drives a $250,000.00 car. But don't worry, I am sure she likes you for your personality."

Forget it. I'll take the Ferrari money, buy a Honda for cash and stick the rest in the bank. That way when the market crashes and the economy tanks I will have a reliable car and some greenbacks to enjoy life with. Who knows? Maybe I will buy the loser's Ferrari for $35,000.00 when he goes broke.


Need Money Blog: I Got An Ebates Check

I signed up for Ebates a few months ago and today I received my first check!

Ebates is a neat idea. Let's say you buy something online like a plane ticket or music. Normally, a buyer goes to the seller's website and makes the purchase direct. However, many companies have affiliates which market their products for them and pay them a portion of the sale.

Ebates is an affiliate for several companies and rather than keep the entire commission for each sale, they share it with the buyer.

So let's say a buyer books a flight on Orbitz through Ebates. Ebates gives a pecentage of their commission from Orbitz back to the customer. Sometimes the rebate back to the buyers is only .50 or $1.00. But they often run specials and the rebates can really ad up.

For instance, if a buyer purchases something through Macy's not only do they get 3% cash back, they also get a free gift. Children's Place has an additional 15% discount only available online through EBates plus 3% cash back. That's like getting 18% off a purchase.

My EBates check was not very large; I only made three purchases online, but I have more rebates pending and am now starting to make purchases through EBates more often. Its a great little way to make some money online.

Check out EBates here and see the savings for yourself. You will probably wonder why you had not done this earlier, like I did.


Need Money Scam: My Online Biz

"They are constantly recruiting people to post links, you should try it."
- Kelly Richards, Myonlinebiz - Make Money Online product

Myonlinebiz is heavily advertising in the same spots as Home Income Profit System and Search n Social and using the same old claim above. That anyone can make money online "posting links". Again, nobody pays anyone to simply "post links on the Internet". Don't fall for myonlinebiz.

Using the same old marketing scam, this time on fake news site "News 7 Daily" (Your Town) Job Report, Kelly Richards, the imaginary stay at home mom who seems to make millions of dollars online, again claims she makes over $7,000.00 a month "posting links".

Kelly claims that getting started was less than $5.00 for the kit and then she made up to $5000.00 a month online.

These news sites are fake and there is no Kelly Richards. And nobody pays anyone to post links. And myonlinebiz costs much more than $5.00.

Clicking any of the numerous "home income links", visitors are taken to a sign up page for myonlinebiz. The sign up form claims that buyers can make $150 - 186.00 a day selling products online. And that it only costs $1.97 to get started.

However, the small print hidden at the bottom of the sign up page, visitors are informed that the low cost is for a five day trial only.

You will receive your first 5 days for $1.97 USD as a special bonus.

However, if buyers fail to cancel, the higher charges kick in..

This order includes a subscription to for a monthly fee of $74.86 USD

If buyers fail to cancel, the monthly charges continue..

do nothing and your subscription will continue at the regular monthly price.

But buyers can cancel..

You may cancel anytime by calling: (800) 693-1410 EXT. 100

Be aware of the fine print for myonlinebiz and other products sold online. There are hidden charges. Also, nobody gets paid for posting links.

This site does not sell the products in question here. If you purchased this product and would like a refund or have questions about the product, please return to the website you purchased the product from and read the Terms of Service for company contact information. Need Money Blog does not sell this product and has no affiliation with the company but is an informational site only.


Need Money Blog: Don't Fail Online | Make Money Now

You better sit down. I've got some
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For you and 90% of other online marketers
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I was doing some research on the web a
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Did you know that 90% PLUS of all online
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They don't make ANY money, and they
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Think about what that means for just a
second... got any buddies who are trying
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Well, out of a hundred, only a handful will

Same with everyone you know in forums,
through Facebook, Twitter, whatever.

Almost all of them will fail.

And I'm not just spinning you a line here.
These are facts, cold hard facts.

I got them from Business Matters magazine.

Scary thought isn't it?

Well, to be honest, it doesn't have to be
scary at all.

Most of these guys that are failing and
giving up (and there are thousands of them
doing it every month), are failing for one
big ugly reason:

They have NO idea what they're doing.

They're just bouncing around from one thing
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If it was that simple, we'd all be millionaires...

...and that's where my friend Michael Jones
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Need Money Blog: What is Hot At Clickbank

Everyone knows Clickbank, They sell "e-products" such as e-books and software for a variety of niches and interests. The problem is knowing what products are new and which products are old and no longer offer valid or current information. I spend a great deal of time looking and evaluating click bank products so here is a brief update for the week.

Miracle Traffic Bot - This is brand new for April 2010 and has a gravity rating of 543.91 which is atronomical. Gravity rating means successful sales which is good for any product. Basically, buyers are reading the reviews and sales copy and buying it. Miracle Traffic Bot takes the three most common ways to get traffic to a blog or website  - articles, bookmarking and video - and automates much of the task for affiliate marketers. Surprisingly, I did not see a lot of affiliate marketing using lists for Traffic Bot which tells me it is wide open for new affiliate marketers.

Rapid Mass Traffic - Is another take on the 'get traffic and sales' addressed with the earlier product. Rather than using article, blog or SEO trick, RMT has a 3 Step approach to getting focused traffic and closing sales of Clickbank products. Forget about most of the sales hype on the pitch page, Rapid Mass Traffic tells buyers to focus on where the author identifies 80% of the traffic actually originates. Places like forums, social networks, etc. Also, the author let's buyers know that purchasing ads on Google, Bing or Yahoo is not the way to go. Rapid Mass Traffic has a high sales rate so it might be worth checking out.

CB Predators - I have been bombarded with this one for the past 24 hours which let's you know how different it is. Automation is the key with CB Predators. Pick a product from Clickbank, pick the keywords, and CB does the rest. Builds a website, campaign, keywords and goes to work getting traffic for the site. This includes hosting and other stuff and has an ongoing monthly charge. But CB Predator answers the question most asked by affiliate marketers - "Can you make this easier!".

What's nice about all three of these products is the pricing is clear and readily available to buyers before they put down their credit card. And product returns are easy with Clickbank.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, checking out these three product may not be a bad idea.


Need Money Scam: The "Home Income Kit"

The Home Income Kit is advertising on popular websites right now. Here is what the ad links state -

"Mom makes $6397 a month online. Read here story now"

This is the same type of ad used by scam products in the past like Google Fortune, Google Gem, Home Profit Income, etc.

The link takes visitors to another website that is designed to look like a "news website" - in this case the site is called both "News 7 Daily" and the "Los Angeles Gazette". This same strategy is used by past "Google post links scams".

The ad page is full of pictures of people holding checks from Google AdSense. We learn later, this product has nothing to do with Google AdSense.

The ad page uses the same trick to appear that the subject is from each visitor's home town. Another trick used by scam advertisers.

Ad uses the fake person "Kelly Richards", and pictures of "Richards" as used in older scam products.

The ad makes this claim from "Richards" -

"I post links that are given to me, I don't even have to sell anything and nobody has to buy anything. They are constantly recruiting people to post links, you should try it." 

This is the same false statement made by Google Fortune, Google Gem, Google Money Tree and others which are not true. Nobody pays anyone to "post links". What's more is this product advertised, "The Home Income Kit" has nothing to do with posting links.

Another picture on the ad features a screen shot of Google AdSense. "The Home Income Kit" has nothing to do with Google AdSense.

The ad makes two more statements -

Then you will be given website links to post. Start posting those links. Everything is tracked.


(Making money has never been so easy. Get ready for your life to change.)

At the bottom of the page, is a small link for terms and conditions and it features a link to the known scam product, "Home Income Profit System". I don't think the advertiser meant for that to happen.

The ad has numerous links to a sign up page. Visitors are taken to a website for OnlineBusiness Systems.

The sign up form says in small print at the bottom that OnlineBusiness Systems is signing up persons for an independent Herbalife distributorship.

If this is for HL, why is "The Home Income Kit" featuring the AdSense checks in their ad?  Or the claims of making money posting links? That "Making Money has never been so easy"? The fake news site ad used by past scam products? The same advertising template using the same fake testimonials and same people like Kelly Richards? And that this is no pricing information disclosed unless someone signs up?

Here's the deal. If you have a business opportunity to advertise, and you believe your product and company are legitimate, than use a different advertising plan than those used by known scam products in the past. It's not hard and it makes your product sound legitimate rather than appear to be a scam. 

Build a profitable business in two hours - click here

This site does not sell the products in question here. If you purchased this product and would like a refund or have questions about the product, please return to the website you purchased the product from and read the Terms of Service for company contact information. Need Money Blog does not sell this product and has no affiliation with the company but is an informational site only.  


Need Money: Robert Allen's Internet Income System

First, the days of "Google Cash/Fortune/Gem/Money Tree, etc" must be over. The ads for the "make money posting links on Google" have dried up (thankfully) and, cross your fingers, might be gone forever. But don't fret, there will always be another scam coming down the pipe, like Home Income Profit System, which is causing pain and heartache everywhere. Read the comments from people who have been suckered by that scam.

To be fair, I have not purchased Robert Allen's Internet Income System and am not going to say it is good or bad. However, there is a blight of advertisements using the same sales tactics to market this product as of late.

Those tactics include -

- The fake news internet site, "Work At Home Report", "News13 WYHF", "News Daily 7 Job Report", etc.  which promote the product as something reviewed and reported on the news.
- The fake testimonials using stock photos of "Melissa Johnson" and the famous scam model "Kelly Richards".
- The outrageous earnings claims, "$6795 a month!", "$6397 Part Time!" with little explaination how these "people" earned the money.

These ad templates and tactics have been used by scammers in the past and it would be wise to try a different tactic to promote the Robert Allen System if it is above board.

To be fair, the sign up page includes some of the "revenue streams" Allen's products promote - real estate, selling affiliate products online, etc.

Allen's product includes a 365 day refund policy, but be aware that the refund will only be given after a written request has been received along with reasons why the systems did not work and how the buyer tried and failed.

The cost of the system is vague as well. One ad claims..

You get everything you need ... for just a small one-time registration fee of $69.95. But wait... ...  the good news that with our newly released "Show Me Cash Rebate" challenge you will only pay $9.95, because we'll be sending you a check for $60.00! Risk free?

However, that offer is not included in the Terms on the sign up page and instead offers buyers a price of $49.95 if they order today. (keep saying No and the price drops to $14.95!).

There are a glut of ads for the Robert Allen System and many are using the same ad templates and sales tactics used by past scam products. Please read the terms and conditions for any product sold online before putting down your credit card.

Here's a real opportunity to make money online - Click Here!

This site does not sell the products in question here. If you purchased this product and would like a refund or have questions about the product, please return to the website you purchased the product from and read the Terms of Service for company contact information. Need Money Blog does not sell this product and has no affiliation with the company but is an informational site only.  

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