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Need Money Blog: What is Hot At Clickbank

Everyone knows Clickbank, They sell "e-products" such as e-books and software for a variety of niches and interests. The problem is knowing what products are new and which products are old and no longer offer valid or current information. I spend a great deal of time looking and evaluating click bank products so here is a brief update for the week.

Miracle Traffic Bot - This is brand new for April 2010 and has a gravity rating of 543.91 which is atronomical. Gravity rating means successful sales which is good for any product. Basically, buyers are reading the reviews and sales copy and buying it. Miracle Traffic Bot takes the three most common ways to get traffic to a blog or website  - articles, bookmarking and video - and automates much of the task for affiliate marketers. Surprisingly, I did not see a lot of affiliate marketing using lists for Traffic Bot which tells me it is wide open for new affiliate marketers.

Rapid Mass Traffic - Is another take on the 'get traffic and sales' addressed with the earlier product. Rather than using article, blog or SEO trick, RMT has a 3 Step approach to getting focused traffic and closing sales of Clickbank products. Forget about most of the sales hype on the pitch page, Rapid Mass Traffic tells buyers to focus on where the author identifies 80% of the traffic actually originates. Places like forums, social networks, etc. Also, the author let's buyers know that purchasing ads on Google, Bing or Yahoo is not the way to go. Rapid Mass Traffic has a high sales rate so it might be worth checking out.

CB Predators - I have been bombarded with this one for the past 24 hours which let's you know how different it is. Automation is the key with CB Predators. Pick a product from Clickbank, pick the keywords, and CB does the rest. Builds a website, campaign, keywords and goes to work getting traffic for the site. This includes hosting and other stuff and has an ongoing monthly charge. But CB Predator answers the question most asked by affiliate marketers - "Can you make this easier!".

What's nice about all three of these products is the pricing is clear and readily available to buyers before they put down their credit card. And product returns are easy with Clickbank.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, checking out these three product may not be a bad idea.

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