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Need Money Blog: Quick tips for your blog or website

I have a BUNCH of websites, blogs, lenses, hubs, and what not floating around on the Internet. Like many of you, I don't get on the Internet to post annoying "musings" about how my day is going. I do this to make some filthy money. Greenbacks. Dough. Loot. You get the picture. That being said, there are few things I have learned along the way which may be of use to you.

1. A cluttered blog is a stressful blog. How many times have you found yourself getting an invite from someone on Facebook or MyBlogLog asking that you take a look at their site only to find it a blinking, purple, graphics on overdrive explosion of web vomit? A site you can't read the content because it is written in the same shade of magenta font as the flaming skulls and leering graphics as the background? Or there are so many badges, awards, "Join This!" ads that your head spins?

Less is more. Add objects outside of content one at a time. Experiment, but don't go overboard. Use colors and fonts which are in contrast with each other. Have a non-internet user check your site. Have someone who has made several successful sites look over your site. Ask your readers what they think.

You know, this post has made me want to take a look at this blog and make some real changes.

2. Don't promote what you would not use yourself. In the business world, this is called "eating your own dog food". Never take out a pay day loan? Then why are you offering them? I have purchased many e-books on making money online that is why I write about the subject. Same goes for any other blog or website you are putting together. Using a product and having direct experience with it makes your blog posts much more believable.

3. Use original content. I know. The lure of putting up a WP blog and populating it with posts gleaned from article directories is tempting. I mean, all the "get rich online gurus" recommend it so it must be good, right? In most cases - no. Duplicate content is a no-no with Google and might get your site delisted. Further, readers can see the difference and know when content is lifted from somewhere else.

Several of my blog posts have been "borrowed" by other bloggers. Some link back to me while a few others claim it as their own. Google finds them eventually and their site gets delisted. Same goes for articles used repeatedly by "canned blogs". There is nothing wrong with reposting another author's article, but dress it up a little with a personalized intro, some unique graphics and an original closing statement. Just highlight the text which is not yours as to not give the impression you are claiming it as your own.

4. Don't encourage visitors to "support your advertisers". You know what I mean. Good content will bring readers and some readers (more than you think) will check out the other links on your website. Encouring readers to do things on your blog or website sounds amateurish and makes the author look like a "money grubber". Further, it may result in you losing your revenue sources as it may violate terms of service.

5. Have fun. Enjoy what you are doing. If blogging or rearranging your website gets to be a chore, take a break. I once walked away from one of my most popular blogs for nearly three weeks because one day it was too boring to write any longer. I did not make a big announcement to my readers. I simply quit posting. Yes, I lost some readers. But when I returned, I came back with a vengeance and increased my readership.

Those are my 5ive tips for the day. All original and all written here today. I am sure you can think of some more and have your own ideas. Drop me a comment and tell me whats on your mind.

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