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Need Money Scam: Online Blackbelt Profit System

If you have seen these ads for the Blackbelt Profit System, take a careful look at the ad pages for the product.

You may have heard of Blackbelt Profit System, also called Blackbelt Profits. It is advertised everywhere on popular websites usually advertising a mom who makes money at home. The ads take visitors to sales page which tells a story and tries to convince visitors to become buyers.

I looked at two of the sales pages for Blackbelt Profts, Online News 6 and News 6 Alerts.

While both pages use the fake news site to sell the Blackbelt Profit System, both have different layouts. What is really funny is the comments at the bottom are the same and are posted at almost the same time. Why is that?

Answer: These are fake comments and not real testimonials.

If Blackbelt Profits was so good and had thousands of happy customers, where are they? Why not put their experiences online?

Here's more, both use a little piece of software code which rewrites the page to make the subject of the ad, Marie Thompson or Kelly Richards, appear to be in your hometown. Pretty sneaky. Why is this necessary if Blackbelt Profits is such a good product?

Here's a great line from one of the sites:

I filled out a short form and applied for a work at home kit. There is a small shipping and handling fee, its not really free but it was under $5.

Another lie. Read the fine print in the Terms:

4 days later, we will charge the same card you provided at enrollment the non-refundable one-year membership fee of $149.95

If Black Belt Profits is so good, why not tell the full price on the sales page?

In a nutshell, if the ad pages are not honest, how can buyers expect Blackbelt Profits to be honest?

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Anonymous said...

Dont try its a SCAM i wouldnt suggest this to noone dont deal with them they will take ur money and leave u in the dark

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