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Need Money Scam: Online Profit Success Kit

Online Profit Success Kit is another scam using the "get paid to post links on Google" trick to fool unsuspecting buyers. There are hidden charges not revealed in the ads. Read more here now.

A fake news site, Consumer Report 2009 Career Trends, also listed as New7Tv, is advertising another product featuring Marie McCan. McCan claims she makes thousands of dollars a month posting links on Google. Further, she claims she learned how after buying the Online Profit Success Kit.
McCan claims the Online Profit Kit was *free and worked best when combined with another scam product also revealed here, Online Profit Library.

None of this should be believed. There were several links for the Online Profit Success kit on the New7TV website, which, when clicked, take the visitor to another site to sign up for the product.

The sign up site for Online Profit Success Kit claims anyone can make money online. All the buyer needs is internet access and basic typing skilss. What they don't say is HOW the buyer makes money and the real cost of the kit.

The fine print is hidden at the bottom of the page. Here are the juicy details they don't want buyers to know!

First, the trial period is not free and is very short:

To help you get started, we offer an 3-day trial of the Make Money Online program for the low price of $1.99.
You are given immediate access to the program for 3 days from the date of your submission.

Three days after signing up for Online Profit Success, the higher charges kick in:

If you do not cancel before the end of your 3 day trial period, we will continue your access to the program and charge you a monthly fee of $79.40 every thirty four (34) day
Then another even larger charge hits the buyer's credit card:

No further notice will be sent to you. An additional one time $144.40 fee will be billed 3 days from the date of your initial registration and purchase.

The best time to cancel, is before the monthly charges kick in. Here's how:

If you find that the product is not right for you, simply call our Customer Service Center at 877-252-1995 or send an email to to cancel before the end of your 3 day trial period

Here is the address and company name selling the product:

Online Marketing Resources Care of Customer Service Center Unit 0480 PO Box 6945 London W1A 6US United Kingdom.

Look at those charges again - $79.40 monthly and 144.40 one time fee. The ad said the product was *free. Some scam. What's more, is there are no details about how Online Profit Success works. Read that fine print before buying!


Unknown said...


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Bryan Richards said...

its a load of rubbish like any offer which fails to demonstrate exactly how a product works before you buy it. Ive tried a few products just out of curiosity to see how they all work. One thing that did was a hosting and domain name reseller company that not only means all my personal domains and hosting costs me nothing but i profit by setting others up. There is a lot more to it.

Anonymous said...

dummy me wanted to find something for my homebound daughter to do, this is the third month of being charged $9.99 after they charged $14something I have never found any thing helpful to earn money they send you to sites that want you to pay more money. wish there was a way to get money back this is a thief. found a number to call to cxl I will see if they really will 877-529-6720

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