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Need Money Scam: Income Library Online

Income Library Online is another new take on the "posting links on Google" scam which never goes away. Read the fine print before buying this product! Here are the details...

The Philadelphia Courier brings us a story about Nicole Johnson who claims to make $6,000 to $7,000 a month from Google. Johnson claims she makes up to $117 an hour working on her computer at home.

Johnson says she got started working with Google after downloading a business kit called Income Library Online. Income Library Online showed Johnson how to create a Google account and receive links from Google which she posts online for money.

First, the Philadelphia Courier is a fake news site used in this case to sell Income Library Online and Google Profits. Nothing else.

Second, Google does not pay anyone to simply post links. If you are out of work and think this is an easy and inexpensive way to make money online, don't believe a word of it.

Further, the sales article goes on to say that the Income Library Online is only $1.99. This is the trial price. Read the details that the sales page does not share with buyers.

Visitors can click any of the Income Library Online links on the page. This will take them to a sign up form for Income Library which claim users can make $300 to 1000.00 a day from their home computer.

At the bottom of the page are the hidden terms buyers should be aware of.

What happens when a buyer orders Income Library Online:

By submitting an order, you automatically receive a 5-day trial to the Start up Kit. Your 5-day trial begins immediately upon placing your order. You will be billed $1.97 at the time of order submission.

Then comes the real charges for Income Library Online:

As more fully described below, your credit card will be charged the monthly subscription fee of $77.83, following your 5-day free trial period.

Unless the buyer cancels, they keep getting charged:

If you're not satisfied for any reason, and cancel within the initial 5-day trial period, you will not be charged your first monthly membership fee of $$77.83. Otherwise, your credit card will be charged $$77.83 each month thereafter

Buyers can cancel Income Library Online:

To cancel your membership, please contact Customer Support toll-free at 8776965494 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM Eastern Time Monday thru Friday.

Buyers also get subscribed to a webhosting account for a separate monthly fee:

You also agree to the 14 day bonus trial to Dream Pro Webhosting for $1.95. Should you fail to cancel your subscription within the 14-day trial, you will be billed $7.50 at the completion of the 14-day trial and each month thereafter.
Cancel by calling 1-888-228-8815

Buyers also are subscribed automatically to a newsletter with a high monthly fee:

You automatically receive a 10-day trial to the Direct Business News.
You will be billed $39.95 every 30 days from the beginning of your subscription date for Your monthly membership subscription unless canceled by You.
Cancel by calling 888 672 4182

And buyers of Income Library Online will also be subscribed to another service:

You will receive a 14-day trial for Home Business Advantage upon completion of your order. You will then be billed $34.95 monthly beginning 15 days after the sign up date for the program.
Cancel by calling (866) 575-3991.

Do you see how this works? Buyers think they are only paying $1.99 and instead get stuck for nearly $200 in monthly fees and charges for products they did not plan on buying.

If you cannot afford these kinds of monthly fees, and do not want to pay this much for a chance to work from home, do not buy Income Library Online.

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This site does not sell the products in question here. If you purchased this product and would like a refund or have questions about the product, please return to the website you purchased the product from and read the Terms of Service for company contact information. Need Money Blog does not sell this product and has no affiliation with the company but is an informational site only.


Unknown said...

Thank You

JD said...


Happy to help. Thank you for reading and for leaving a comment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Can you cancel all this extra stuff and still be able to do the "work from home kit" the thing you initally sign up for?

JD said...

Anonymous - Many of these kits are impossible to cancel entirely. The credit card used is charged over and over again and sometimes sold to other companies. Most of all, these kits are scams. They tell you to get a Google AdWords account, sign up for a bunch of affiliate product programs, buy pay per click ads and sell the products online. It is a lot of work, not easy to learn and you will spend a fortune. Google does not pay anyone to simply post links. Its a lie.

Anonymous said...

Thought is sounded too good to be true...thank you John!

JD said...

Happy to help! Thank you for reading and leaving a comment!

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