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Need Money Scam: Mass Online Income Kit

Mass Online Income Kit is another scam product designed to separate you from your money. Don't consider buying it until you read all the hidden charges and terms.

From the Philadelphia Courier News, reporter Melissa Hudson reports that a Boston, MA resident, Nicole Johnson is making up to $7000.00 a month posting links on Google. Anyone can do it, says the article, if they get the Mass Online Income Kit which shows them how they can make money online.

This is all fake.

There is no Philadelphia Courier News. Melissa Hudson is not a real reporter. There is nobody named Nicole Johnson in Boston making money posting links on Google.

Let's read some more..

To make a long story short on my result of Google is that within four weeks, I was generating $5,000 a month at home*. All I do is post the links Google gave me. I don't even have to sell anything. Did you read that? Yes, no one actually needs to buy anything from you, me or Google. Just post the website links and get paid. You can do the same and Google is looking for a bunch of people to do that for them."

Google is not looking for anyone to post links for money. This is a scam.

The article goes on to say that the visitors should click on the Mass Online Income Kit link, order the product and only pay $1.97 for shipping. That is where they get you.

Click on the Mass Online Income link and find out the real story.

The link takes visitors to a new page which says you can earn up to $375 a day "with Google". There is a form to fill out for full membership. But read the small print first.

There is a trial period:

Subscriber agrees to pay today the free trial processing fee of $1.97 to begin Subscriber’s trial membership.

The trial period only lasts three days:

Subscriber has three (3) days from the date of enrollment to cancel Trial membership by calling our customer care department at 1-877-650-4678 to cancel their trial subscription.

At that point, the buyer will be charged a high fee:

If Subscriber does not cancel Subscriber agrees to pay a one time fee of $179.40, which will be billed on day four (4) from the date of enrollment.

The fee is non-refundable:

Once the free trial processing fee has been paid and once Subscriber does not cancel within the three day Trial period the one time fee will be NON REFUNDABLE.
And if the buyer tries to reverse the charges on their credit card, they may face some serious consequences:

If for any reason, Subscribers credit card company refuses to pay the amount billed for the service, Subscriber agrees that we may, at our option, suspend or terminate the subscription to the service and require the Subscriber to pay the overdue amount by other means acceptable to us.

Who is selling Mass Online Income Kit for such a ridiculous price?
C/O Website Customer Care
881 West State Street #507
Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062

Customer Support: 877-650-4678

That is the number buyers need to call to cancel the trial period for the Mass Online Income Kit.

This product is very expensive and there is no proof buyers will make any money at all with their purchase. Also, Google does not pay anyone to post links on Google.

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This site does not sell the products in question here. If you purchased this product and would like a refund or have questions about the product, please return to the website you purchased the product from and read the Terms of Service for company contact information. Need Money Blog does not sell this product and has no affiliation with the company but is an informational site only.


Anonymous said...

I read the same article today saying that Nicole Johnson was from Springfield Missouri. SCAM,SCAM,SCAM

Kim N said...
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Anonymous said...

Yep, just saw an ad that Nicole was from Cedar Park, TX...+

JD said...

Anon, Yep, they use a simple script in the webpage which detects where your computer is on the internet and they add the closest city to your location to the sales page. Cheap trick that fools many buyers. Thanks for commenting and reading.

Anonymous said...

I also read the same article and Nicole Johnson is from Albuquerque, NM. I guess they put her in a city that is nearby in your state. Dont be fooled. Always take time to read the terms and conditions before you buy online. Many of us jump the gun and do not read the fine print. Hope this helps. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Well, now Nicole is from Mes,Az.
This is so sad the way people try to scam other people in these horrible economic times, as if things aren't bad enough.

JD said...

Anon, I take it you are from AZ as well. Read the post above. That is a scripting trick they do with the location. Yes, its a travesty the way they target people who are indeed struggling. Thank you for posting and reading.

Rubbergash said...

Can't someone try it to see what you get for the $179?

JD said...

Independent. Feel free, but I know it is a scam and don't want to waste the 179.00. Most of all, I don't want others to waste the money either. Thanks for reading and posting.

Anonymous said...

I just checked out similar article (from referring to Marie Thompson from Rochester, MN (close to me) - sounded good but then checked out BBB and CNN blog - thanks for info!

Anonymous said...

Nicole Johnson, average american citizen, is now depicted as living in Panama City Beach, Florida. said...

Can't the major companies involved in their ad sue for unlawful use of a copyrighted symbol? If Fox News and those other publications/news medias didn't produce the favorable stories they claim, is that not false advertisement?

Anonymous said...

They are on to you....Nicole Johnson changed her name and moved to Dallas Tx and made even MORE money... I mean, come on, Nicole Marie Johnson Thompson would never lie cheat or steal so that she could prosper in a bad economy while everyone else suffers... Really - NOT REALLY - do not fall for this scam....

Anonymous said...

Well, now there is a Marie Thompson from Miami, Fl!!! I did purchase this crap, and when I saw this blog I went ahead and cancelled everything right away. Thanks for posting this blog!

Anonymous said...

My mom gave it to me because Nicole was from my hometown Midlothian, Il. Good thing I just googled the link and found this site. I probably would have signed up for it and paid attention to it later. THanks for saving my money.

JD said...

Big Woody - the companies whose logos and brands are used on these sites could file a cease and desist with these companies and force them to quit using their names. However, many of these companies come and go very fast, are based in foreign countries making litigation difficult and costly. None of the names like ABC, Fox or USA Today are associated with these "Google" products and have never reviewed, tested or approved of them. Thank you for your post.

Anonymous said...

thank you John i was in the process of signing up for this crap i was having a mixed feeling about it so i decided to google this kelly Richards they were talking about still wasnt comfortable so google mass online income and found your article...i tried calling there number and you are getting is a recording...thank you again John you saved me and ny husband money that we dont have.

JD said...

that makes me happy to hear. I am glad I could help. Thank you for your comment.

lovelife777 said...

yea. it's sad when the person that's saying there is a scam is scamming everyone else too.

JD said...

Lovelife, Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

Anonymous said...

I went on, usa today, cnn to look for this so called report on Kelly richards who is a supposed stay at home mom and in chandler making all of this money.... nothing came up. nothing at all. my gut feeling was right and are all of you... you know the old saying 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't true'

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