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Need Money Scam: Google Profit At Home

Google Profit at Home is a new scam product which says you can paid to post links on Google. Don't buy this product until you read find out how much it really costs!

You have seen the ads on popular websites - "Jobless Mom Makes $85 an Hour!" with a link to a "news" site like New7Tv. There, a reporter tells us that "mom" "Mary Steadman" is making up to $5000 a month working from home.

How? By working with Google. Steadman is "posting links on Google" and making up to $25 for each link she posts. And Steadman got started after she purchased Google Proft At Home. Allegedly, this helped Steadman get started with Google who send her links to post on line.

What a bunch of bunk.

Google does not pay anyone to post links for them. And Google Profit At Home is an overpriced scam product. The ad says Google Profit is only $1.99 and is "key" to get to make money.

Whar are the real charges for Google Profit at Home? Let's click the link and find out.

The link takes visitors to a sign up page which claims those who sign up can make up to $389 a day with Google.

However, let's take a look at the small print hidden at the bottom of the page.

There is a fee for the trial period -

To help you get started, we offer an 8-day trial of the Fast Cash from Google program for the low price of $1.99. When you submit your order, you agree to pay the initial fee of $1.99.

Then, Google Profit At Home charges a higher fee after 8 days -

If you do not cancel before the end of your 8 day trial period, we will continue your access to the program and charge you a monthly fee of $44.40 every thirty (30) days thereafter until you choose to cancel your membership.

Then another, higher fee -

No further notice will be sent to you. An additional one time $134.40 fee will be billed 21 days from the date of your initial registration and purchase.

But buyers can cancel Google Proft at Home, but there are no refunds -

You may cancel our services at any time if you are not completely satisfied with the product by notifying Company at 888-431-8867. However, we will not refund any amounts previously paid up to the date of cancellation or termination.

Over $170.00 for this "free" Google Profit at Home kit. Who is really selling Google Profit?

Find Free Money Care of Customer Service Center Unit 0556 PO Box 15113 Birmingham B2 2NJ, United Kingdom.

Beware of purchasing Google Profit At Home. It is very expensive and full of hidden monthly charges.

This site does not sell the products in question here. If you purchased this product and would like a refund or have questions about the product, please return to the website you purchased the product from and read the Terms of Service for company contact information. Need Money Blog does not sell this product and has no affiliation with the company but is an informational site only.

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Anonymous said...

It's a scam!! I signed up yesterday after reading the story about kelly richards online income posting links. They didn't charge me $5.00 for the kit... It was $59.95 for educational kits. Now I have to chase down my money. Today I noticed Nicole Johnson's online business posting links with Google, this is a copycat scam!! Don't waste your time!


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