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Need Money Scam: Google Profit Library

However, before you buy Google Profit Library, read the fine print!

"Charlie Thompson" claims he was having a hard time making ends meet after losing his job so he tried the new Google Profit Library and now he makes over $5000.00 a month "with" Google.

Google Profit Library is the latest new Google Kit being found on the internet on all sorts of ads. You have probably seen them, "Unemployed Mom makes $ every month" and so forth.

What was funny, was this was the sort of ad I found for "Charlie Thompson". Charlie and his wife Mary needed money and fell for a few pyramid and get rich quick schemes. Then they found Google Profit Library. According to Charlie..

"I get paid about $25 for every link I post on Google and I get paid every week... I make around $5500 a month right now"

They happened upon a system called "Google Profit Library" that taught them how to make money posting links online.

However, before you buy Google Profit Library, read the fine print!

By submitting an order, you automatically receive a 5-day trial to the Start up Internet subscription.
Your 5-day trial begins immediately upon placing your order. You will be billed $1.97 at the time of order submission. Once Your trial is active you have 5-days to decide whether to accept Your Subscription. Prior to the expiration of the 5-day trial period, You may cancel Your subscription by calling toll-free at 1-800-440-4397. Should you fail to cancel Your Subscription within the 5-day trial you will be billed $79.97 at the completion of the 5-day trial and $79.97 every month thereafter for continued services and hosting of your internet web tools software unless canceled by you.

But look at what else buyers get signed up for!

We have partnered with DreamPro Webhosting which gives you the ability to host your own online websites, instant domain name registration, online storage space, plus many more additional benefits. You also agree to the 14 day bonus trial to DreamPro Webhosting for $1.95. Should you fail to cancel your subscription within the 14-day trial, You will be billed $7.50 at the completion of the 14-day trial and each month thereafter. For questions or to cancel, please call our Customer Support team at 1-888-228-8815 M-F 9 AM-8 PM EST.

Also by submitting an order, you may automatically receive a 14-day trial to the GrantLine Professional Membership Subscription. Your 10 day trial begins immediately upon completion of the order as everything is made available immediately digitally. Once the customer's trial is active you have 10 days to decide whether to accept Your Subscription. Prior to the expiration of the 10-day trial period, You may cancel Your subscription by calling toll-free at 877-317-0193. Should You fail to cancel Your Subscription within the 10 day trial, You will be billed $39.95. Additionally, You will be billed $39.95 again 30 days from the beginning of your trial to renew Your monthly membership subscription and $39.95 every 30 days thereafter for Your monthly Subscription unless canceled by You.

Google Profit Library is a high price to pay for an unknown product with several included products each with their own high monthly price tag. Be careful if you choose to purchase Google Profit Library.


Serguei said...

Just contacted the FCC regarding this Google Profit library and Google Profits scam!!

The website offers you a 7-day trial period and bills $1.97 to your credit card however, if you decide to cancel (I signed today and tried to cancel today), you cannot get through to any of the numbers they give to you to cancel and you cannot reply back to the e-mails they send.
They also give your credit card information to third party affiliates (Money Resources Center) who also start billing your credit card. Some of these charges are up to $79.99 per month!!!

I immediately contacted my credit card company and advised them of this.
They advised cancellation of my card.

If you don't believe this, just go to and see for your-self.
It cost me $1.97 to go to the tutorial on each site (Google Profit Library & Google Profits).
The terms and conditions are in the grey areas as well as phone numbers to call if you decide to cancel during the 7-day trial period but good luck getting through to anyone.
Till now (11/30/2009) I can’t reach Customer Service at Google Profit Library.

Google should not have these type of people using a portion of their name if they are not affiliated with
the company as it is misleading to people who believe Google is a nice company.

Company information:
Google Profit House
8108 Green Lantern St. #104
Raleigh, North Carolina
United States
Phone: 919-789-4173

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information. I was about to get Google Profit Library but after reading this I may think again. Again Thank you for your helpful information.

JD said...

Anon, happy to help. Thanks for reading and for leaving a comment. It makes a big difference.

JD said...

Serguei, I believe you. I have been investigating this stuff for years. I can't tell you what to do with your credit card, but be careful with these companies as they will take as much money as you let them. Some of them also sell your CC information to others on the net. Be careful!
Thanks for reading and for leaving a comment. It will help others.

Amy said...

I'm currently in the process of having my Credit Card CANCELLED. I tried to cancel with all of the 800 numbers and have had no luck. All of them have said that I am not in their systems (which I believe is a crock) so I called my bank and notified them that this is not my doing and that I wish for it all to be cancelled. Now I'll have to make a trip to my bank to file disputes with these websites just so I don't get charged what they're trying to charge me. Personally, CAREFUL isn't even the right word for what a person should be with Google. Actually, just don't use it PERIOD.

Kristi Thompson said...

Wow. Thank you SO much for all the information. I was thinking about signing up, I am on the computer all the time, but after reading this blog, I am definately thinking twice! Again, thank you for the information.

JD said...

RKJ! Happy to help and glad you found the information useful. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment.

Anonymous said...

I am going through the same thing, Google is a reputable company, so I didn't think anything bad would come of the trial I started on 11/04/09.

Now in addition to WebHosting charges from DreamPro, I was charged $77.83 from a company called XM Brands. Although I was able to cancel and be refunded the generous ::eyes roll:: $20.00 from XM Brands, the DreamPro site offers a link to cancel, which I had already been trying to do. No matter what you enter for your order information, I am using the information they supplied in there email, they return an 'error'. They then list a customer service number that only answers stating 'O' and no matter what you enter there is not a way to get a customer service agent. What a scam!

Thank you for the information.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to see if anyone has a success story from their experiences with google profit library,or anything remotely good to say about it... Besides the 80 dollars charged each month, is it still possible to make a significant amount of money via google profit library?
If any of the testimonials are true, or even if they're exaggerated stories of actual events, paying less than $100 seems like a small price to pay each time you receive a paycheck for thousands of dollars.
I want to believe in some sort of online money making opportunity, and its extremely disheartening to find out every single one is a scam.

JD said...


Regarding Google Profit Library.

The checks they show are for Google AdSense and have been copied from the internet from other websites. Google Adsense is free to join and is easy to use. However, the claims that Google pays every week is false. They pay once a month after a threshold has been reached. Again, adsense is free to join and you don't need to buy Profit Library to use it.
Next check this website -
These are complaints from buyers of the actual product. No money made, just money lost.
There are ways to make money online. They do not cost 100 to get started either.

Nicholas Tucker said...

If it sounds too goo to be true it, well guess what? Especially in regard to the internet.

Unknown said...

wow...guys. i had just filled out the form to see if i qualified for the "product?" and i stumbled upon here. thank you so much. ive been screwed 1 time before, never again. one more time i thank you, and i feel i owe you 79.99 a month lol..not really but thanks !

JD said...

Joe, I am very happy to have helped. I too have been shafted by stuff online and that is one reason why I started this blog. Good luck,

ol boi said...

thanks john i really truly believed this the only web site that sounded true and was really going to put my all into this. i probably would have quit my job and everything but running into you through further research and you crushing my dreams has probably saved me from falling even deeper into financial trouble just wanted to say THANKS JOHN!!!!!!:):)

JD said...

ol boi, I feel your pain with the job and economy situation, but I am happy you did not fall for this scam. It if sounds too good to be true...

Thanks for reading and posting your comment.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame how low some people will go to steal from hard working people. This organization is vermon and has no conscious. I normally work 50-60 hrs a week but was laid off. Unemployment went down and I was simply trying to get information about this oppertunity. I received nothing in the mail or by e-mail. I did get $77.80 taken from my account. When I tried to block throgh my bank I was told it had to go through and then I could dispute it. I'm on a limited budget. I tried calling those numbers and got voice mail and "someone will be with you shortly" for 20 minutes. When the call was finally answered I was told that the $$ amount was in the Agreement and the could only cancel my subscription and give me a $20 credit. After repeating my situation several times and asking how this person they could sleep with themself I was put on hold and then told that the supervisor was going to issue me a refund for the full amount. During all this I ran across your site and realized I was on my 5th day and dispite them trying to talk me out of it they had to refund me. In addition I ran across an e-mail stating that I had signed up for a property oppertunity and had 9 day to cancel otr be charged $39.99 a mo. Vermon I tell ya.
Lester G

JD said...

Lester, watch your card carefully for the next couple of months. They will try and hit you for some other products most likely. The best bet is to have the bank issue a new card if possible. It may save you some headaches and sleepless nights.
Thank you for reading and leaving a comment.

Anonymous said...

OMG You have no idea what I have been thru trying to get all of the things this company signed me up for cxl'd. Plus one of them billed my cc $129 dollars aft 3 days and I dont even know yet which one it was and my cc company cant help for 24 hours...Please Please Please anyone else out there...READ READ READ and verify what you are signing up for... I thought with the google name attached this was legit but I am sorely disappointed. Thanks for your research and the numbers to call.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your stories. i just read an article online from which claims that google profit library isn't a scam. However, it did NOT mention all the hidden fees n additional charges.

JD said... is a fake news look alike site designed to sell Google Profit Library. This is how these people fool buyers into trusting them. Thank you for reading and posting a comment.

Anonymous said...

I spole with Bank of America MasterCard yesterday, and they said neither changing numbers nor cancellation of the card would do any good. I THINK I cancelled membership within the "grace" period, but I just have to watch my account and dispute any future charges. This is a BAD scam.

Anonymous said...

What is doing is fraudulent! I happen to know that there is no Kelly Richards at Mooseheart, IL because Mooseheart is a residential child care and educational facility. These people are predators and I am shocked that Google would be associated with this in any way!

Anonymous said...

I purchased this kit yesterday..but got kind of hesitant after going to step two; they ask for other information like: ID number, bank information, social security, and many more personal information. I got worried and it raised a red flag, so I stopped and didn't provide any of that information. I am now trying to get a hold of a friend of mine who works at the bank to cancel my credit card. They've already charged the $1.97.

JD said...

Google is in no way associated with Google Profit Library. These products use Google's name because people "trust" Google. However, Google did not develop or manage/own these products. Be careful!

Anonymous said...


I was just ready to sign up...thank you so much for the info. How does one find reputable on-line money-making websites? We need extra cash due to lay-offs and reduced work weeks. Pleas help if you can.


JD said...

Relieved - Happy to help.

I make money, not alot, online. I use only free sites like Blogger, social networking, bookmarks and promotions sites like Squidoo and Hubpages.

I have a blog post with more information coming out this week. It is somewhere to start.

Like you, I lost work hours and income from the traditional sources and started exploring ways to make money online. I spent money I did not have on e-books which promised to show ways to make money, but only cost me more money!

Most of the information is free out there. It just takes time and work.

Thank you for your post.

Anonymous said...

I was a victim of this fiasco last year. I never recieved any refunds. I was charged 3 months for the $80.00 and other charges. In my disappointment I just chalked it up to experience. But what I can't figure out is; if Google is NOT affiliated with "Google Profit Library", why has Google let this go on?

JD said...

Google has actually pursued and stopped some of these companies such as Google Money Tree. The problem is there are so many of these companies selling and creating these products, and they are often based in countries outside of the US (Google is a US company) where legal actions are difficult or take longer and Google has to prove that the defendant actually did something wrong. It takes time and money. Thank you for your post and for reading this blog.

Anonymous said...

KELLY RICHARDS is a fake ID. The website is well designed to make you think "Kelly Richards" lives in your city or nearby based on the location of your internet connection (by ip address). I dealt with a company like this and they are EVIL! There are many like it that completely rip people off really badly. Stay away. And thanks to those on here that expose them. I was starting to think this might be a real opportunity to make money instead of getting ripped off. "Advertorial" my A$$! No way am I buying into a company that doesn't show you everything up front and charges you $80 a month for some unknown scam. Thanks for this blog. It rules!

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