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Need Money Scam: Google Biz Kit Dirty Secret

Google Biz Kit is being heavily marketed this week with Make Money With Ebay. You have seen the ads featuring Mary Steadman on popular news sites. The ads claim that buyers of Google Biz Kit will be more successful if they purchase Make Money With Ebay at the same time.

First, nobody makes money from Google by simply posting links. But that is not the issue. Buyers of Google Biz Kit should carefully read the Terms and Conditions of the sale as they may end up with an extra product they did not count on.

Here is what the Terms say for Google Biz Kit...

Subscriber agrees to pay today the free trial shipping and handling fee of $1.97 to begin subscriber’s trial membership.

Subscriber agrees to pay a one time fee of $99.00, which will be billed on Day thirty one from the date of enrollment.

Once the free trial shipping and handling fee has been paid and once Subscriber does not cancel within the thirty day Trial period, the one time fee will be NON REFUNDABLE.

In addition, the subscriber will be provided access to an online Resource Center which will bill at $47.50 on the fifteenth Day from the date of enrollment and we will re-bill every thirty one days at $47.50 per month

To cancel.. cancelled by calling 1-866-995-9812.

Here is the dirty secret..

You have also been enrolled into a seven (7) day trial to the eBay Money Resource Center.

you will be billed seven dollars and seventy one cents ($7.71) each month for the eBay Money Resource Center.

To cancel eBay Money Resource Center..

call 1-800-215-1752 to cancel

So the buyer of Google Biz Kit also ends up with a subscription to an eBay product as well. And if they buy Make Money With eBay as the ads suggest, they will be stuck with a duplicate product which also has a monthly charge.

This little secret is hidden in the Terms and Conditions for Google Biz Kit. Make sure you read them carefully before buying!

This site does not sell the products in question here. If you purchased this product and would like a refund or have questions about the product, please return to the website you purchased the product from and read the Terms of Service for company contact information. Need Money Blog does not sell this product and has no affiliation with the company but is an informational site only.

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