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Need Money: Make money with Cashpirate

Everyday, I receive emails from readers who say, "So many products out there are scams. I know it is hard to make $1000.00 a day, but what about a few dolllars? Is that possible?"

Yes, there are lots of little ways to make a few dollars and if you do enough of them, guess what? You start making real money over time! The goal in life is not to get one check from one source, but to make lots of money from several sources. Who has not heard that magical term "multiple streams of revenue" before? It'e exciting and yes, you can make money several ways and experience the thrill of receiving a different check in the mailbox or seeing your paypal account grow each day.

What is Cashpirate?

Cashpirate is another site on the internet which pays you to do things. This is like the other "pay to do things" site I told you about last week and has the same great results.

To get started, you have to create a Cashpirate login and include a few personal details about yourself. Basic things like your email address and so forth. After you register for Cashpirate. your email address must be confirmed to start. Once confirmed, you fill out a few more options and you are ready to go.

Here is how you make money with Cashpirate

Offers - fill out surveys and offers to win gift cards for great products and companies. Most of these offers pay .50 to 2.00 each and many will register you for other prizes including $1000.00 gift cards!

Contests - Every week Cashpirate has contests for the most offers completed. Winners receive cash and the top winners often receive as much as $100.00! Some of those winners only completed a few offers and surveys to win. This is a no-brainer.

Referral Contests - This is a fun way make some additional money. Send email invites for Cashpirate to friends and family members and receive $$$ for new members. It is easy and you already have the friends who would probably appreciate the chance to make extra money, right?

You won't get rich with Cashpirate, but you will make some extra money. Think $2, 5 or 10.00 extra dollars a day. It is easy with Cashpirate and anyone can do it with an internet connection and an hour or so a day. With the kids back in school and money so tight these days, who would not want to at least try Cashpirate? It is free to join and is a lot of fun.

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