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NeedMoney: What is CashCrate?

I had heard about CashCrate a number of years ago and so many people were talking about it as a way to earn some extra money online.

First, you will not get rich with CashCrate. It is ONE WAY to earn a small amount of money online that you should combine with several other methods to make decent money. Most of the people who use CashCrate I have spoken with make about $20.00 a month with the program.

What do you do with Cash Crate?

The main way to make money with CashCrate is to complete free offers like surveys and joining websites. Most pay a small amount of money, like $.50 a survey. You can also complete offers, go shopping (pays a referral fee for products bought), enter contests and compete for cash prices.

There are all sorts of little deals on Cash Crate to earn small amounts of money. Like completing your profile (entering products or services you are interested in) will pay an additional $1. Or entering a contest to earn money may pay you $25.00 if you are in the top responders.

How else can you earn money with Cash Crate?

By referring others to CashCrate, you will receive a portion of CashCrate's earnings. This is good for you and for others you refer. They make money, you make more money and your earnings do not come from your friends earnings. The amount paid is very small, but think about how many of your friends and family have asked about ways to make an extra $20 or 50.00 a month online? Here is your chance to refer them without a hard sale and you both make some extra money.

How does Cash Crate make money? How can they pay out their members?

Cash Crate makes money from companies who need survey feedback from real people. Cash Crate also makes money from affiliate sales. If you buy something from BabysRus through CashCrate, they make money and share the referral money with you.

How much time does Cash Crate take?

Good question. A lot of these deals require members to spend hours online visiting websites or reading emails for pennies. At the end of the day, a member may make .23 or something similar. This is disheartening. Not at CashCrate. I login in the morning, take a survey answer a few questions and am done. I sometimes check the contests once a week or so, but otherwise, only use CashCrate a few times a week. I don't make great money, but every little check is part of a "multiple income stream" which is the real way to make money.

What is the minimum payout with CashCrate?

CashCrate pays out with only a $20 minimum and pays within the first two weeks of the following month.

CashCrate is a neat little site for making small amounts of money easily. Fortunately, there are lots of other sites like this out there which makes it simple to make money online.

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