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Need Money Scam: Google Works

I was happy to find this one finally. I had heard about it from some other sources but had not seen it yet. Google Works is being offered by an affiliate marketing company who uses website content owners to sell it. It must have a high payout because the banners are pretty slick.

"College drop out Sarah" a cute-faced young woman replaces tired old Mary Steadman as the pitch person for Google Works. Google Works taught Saran how she and her husband could make money online and now Sarah earns "about $27 for each link she posts and her current monthly income is $9875!".

First, Google does not pay anyone to "post links". Let's get that straight right now.

Also, what Google Works and other products like it (Google Fortune, Google BizKit, Google Links Program, etc.) are selling is a website which shows buyers how to BUY advertisements online (like Google AdWords) and sell affiliate marketing products (like ebooks). Those are the "links" they are talking about.

Google does not pay you to post those links (ads), rather you pay Google for each link which is clicked by a buyer. What's more, is people who click links do not necessarily buy the product you might be advertising. So each link may just end up costing YOU more than you make.

Back to the ad, which I found on another fake news site, US New Mag. Sarah claims she learned how to make money with Google by purchasing Google Works. A note afterwards says that Sarah and hubby spent over $300.00 for Google Works. But visitors to their site now can get Google Works for only $1.95 - no caveats or disclaimers. Uh-oh.

Sarah and Michael bought a online course called Google Works. They paid over $329.99 for this product. (Editor's Note: The product is recently offered in a two day promotion which lasts until midnight Wednesday 26th of August 2009. Because of the special offer you can get Google Works for $1.99 for only $1.95)

Once again, I found out that Google Works was being offered by..

WebMoneyTraining View Marketing, Inc., 642 Main Street, Nevis 33776

And what is the REAL cost of Google Works?

WebMoneyTraining will continue to provide you service at a premier rate of $69.97 per month

And what else is included?

You will also recieve a free 14-day trial to Alterntative Funding. After the 14-day trial, you will be charged $29.95 a month

To cancel, call 800-416-1339.

So, there is more than meets the eye than what Sarah and Michael are selling with Google Works. I would be careful about buying this one.

This site does not sell the products in question here. If you purchased this product and would like a refund or have questions about the product, please return to the website you purchased the product from and read the Terms of Service for company contact information. Need Money Blog does not sell this product and has no affiliation with the company but is an informational site only.

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