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Need Money Scam: Google Work At Home Kit

This is another one making the rounds this week, courtesy of another fake newspaper website. This time, the product marketed is the "Google Work At Home Kit".

The usual list of claims are made and this time by Mary Steadman. Again, let's review what Mary claims..

"I get paid about $25 for every link I post on Google and I get paid every week...

They happened upon a system called " Google Work at Home Kit" that taught them how to make money posting links online.

Google Work at Home Kit is a free* course

Mary even shared with us a picture of the kind of checks she gets

Google Work at Home Kit official site ( 36 free kits left)

"...set up a Google account. Then they will give you the website links to post. Start posting those links. Google tracks everything."

And the truth

Google does not pay anyone to post links.

Google has no program which pays "every week". Google AdSense, the only program Google has that sends checks, pays once a month.

Google does not give anyone website links to post.

The Google Work At Home Kit is not free - read on for actual price.

Buyers are not working "with or for" Google when they buy this kit.

There is no shortage of Google Work At Home Kits. They have lots to sell to anyone who has a working credit card.

Now to the Google Work At Home Kit. I don't even bother reading the sales copy on the sign up page. I go straight to the Terms and Conditions at the very bottom of the page.

Google Work At Home Kit is actually Google Fortune.

Google Work At Home Kit is sold on this page by Funwebprofits.

Funwebprofits charges $69.97 a month if you fail to cancel within seven days of signing up for Google Work At Home Kit.

Buyers will also be automatically enrolled in a 14 day trial for Alternative Funding. If not canceled, that membership will bill the buyer $29.95 a month thereafter.

Buyers can cancel Google Work At Home Kit by calling 877-402-2666.

Buyers can cancel Alternative Funding by calling 800-994-4164.

Google Work At Home is actually an online course which does not give buyers "links to post on Google". They provide access online to ebooks, guides and tutorials on using eBay, Google AdSense and AdWords to make money online. A common response from buyers after signing up for these sorts of packages is "I just signed up. Now what do I do?".

There are no "links to post on Google for $25.00".

Due to the number of complaints from real buyers online, I would avoid this product as well as others like it. They are very expensive and many buyers have not had success with them.

Finally, Need Money Blog does not sell either product reviewed here. If you have ordered any of these products or any other online, go to the website you ordered the product from to cancel. If you have questions, need support or would like to cancel service, go to the website you ordered the product from and check the Terms of Service for contact information. Again, Need Money Blog does not sell this product, provide support or take cancellations.

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