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NeedMoney Scam: Theresa's Money Google Easy Cash Kit

Theresa Boyd is happy to tell all of us how much money she makes now that she has discovered The Google Easy Cash Kit Website. I learned about this on her website. She goes on to make the statement..

Google pays me $5 and $30 for every web site link that I post. No one needs to buy anything from me or Google in order to get paid. I’ve been getting weekly paychecks working on my laptop at home.

I have heard this before. Google pays me to post links on the Internet. And naturally, this is another ad for Google Money Master. Courtesy of Google Revolution and Honshu Systems, LLC, the owners behind Google Money Master.

Of course, Theresa Boyd refers to the system as the Google Easy Cash Kit. To emphasize here success, she shows a Google AdSense check (very similar to the one Eric earned in a recent post here). So this implies that the Google Easy Cash Kit has something to do with AdSense.

This is another scam product. Google does not send you checks for posting links on Google. Again, you pay Google AdWords to place ads online. Again, Google AdSense does not pay you for simply putting AdSense on a blog or website. This is all a scam.

Theresa goes on to say on her web site:

Google will start sending their first check to you in a few days. You can also request that they direct deposit it into your bank account. (Your first checks will be between $500 to $1,500 a week. It goes up from there, depending on how many links you post online.)

Lies. Google will not pay you for posting links no matter how many you post. Nobody can tell you how much money you will make in the first week - that is a lie to get buyers hopes up so they will pull out their credit card and order.

Finally, I clicked on the Google Easy Cash Kit link. It takes me to good old Google Money Master. Click on the Terms of Service and there is the good stuff...

following your risk-free 7-day trial, you'll be charged the monthly subscription fee of $73.83 (Owned by Honshu Systems LLC)

Membership automatically renews roughly every 30 days

To cancel, you must call 866-756-1774 - (call and get put on hold).

Theresa Boyd is not real. You cannot get paid money to post links on Google and Google will not send you a check for 500,1500 or 2000.00 in a couple of days. This is bogus and no one should spend money on this product. You have been warned.

So what do you do if you have ordered the Google Easy Cash Kit?

First - Need Money Blog does not sell the Google Easy Cash Kit. If you have ordered this product or any other online, go to the website you ordered the product from if you have questions, need support or would like to cancel service. Again, Need Money Blog does not sell this product, provide support or take cancellations.

Go to the website you ordered it from. In this case, the Terms of Service are hidden at the very bottom of the sales page. You do not need to fill out the form again to access this information.

The Google Easy Cash Kit is marketed by several companies under different names. They include

Google Revolution AKA Honshu Systems LLC. The phone number listed on the Terms of Service is 866-756-1774. The address for Google Revolution is:

Honshu Systems, LLC
Attn: Google Revolution General Counsel
2850 Horizon Ridge Pkwy
Suite 625
Henderson, NV 89052

Eco Marketing, LLC - no phone number or address for support or cancellation.

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Again, this blog does not sell the products reviewed here. For refunds, support or complaints, please go to the website the product was ordered from. This site only provides reviews of products sold online.


DaCraftyLady said...

thank you for stopping me, I almost did this as I felt close to this gal as I live in Long Beach and thought wow....but I am glad I went on to read your blog by googling her name... Thanks for the advise. :)

Anonymous said...

hey, thanks, i will not be getting this...i live in the same town she does and felt a small town girl is makeing that kinda i see the truth...thanks i will not be ordering this...

Anonymous said...

i also live in norwood and almost did it for that reason. ugh thanks

Sirena said...

I saw her website too and it must change where she lives depending on where you are located. It tells me she lives in Chandler, AZ (where I am from) So I googled her name to see if I could find anything proving she is real. i.e. a facebook, myspace, anything! and Then I saw this! She kept calling it an Internet Business Kit not the Google cash kit referred to in this blog.

Anonymous said...

It is so amazing how people try to f*** you every chance they get. No scrupples!!! Thanks for providing this guidance (warning)!

Mykl Mudpie said...

Yeah, I was almost another sucker; the email I got said that Theresa Boyd lives in Madison, WI, (where I live)! I lookt at the ad and was VERY tempted. But then, before I had the money to bite, I received another email with a picture of the SAME woman, only under a different name! Thus, I checked the local phone book and checked out Theresa Boyd online... That's when I found this site. Thanks!!!

Martin said...

Thanks for this , in my case Thersa Boyd lives in St.Mellons, Cardiff, Wales!
A clever scam and I appreciate your help.

Anonymous said...

Theresa Boyd said, she lives in Manning, Oberoesterreich (Upper Austria). I almost got scammed. My goodness, people are trying to rip us off. Thanks for the warning. gloria/Vienna Austria

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for posting the aforementioned warning. I was considering this supposed opportunity. Thankfully, I research first before making any monetary investments.

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