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Need Money Scam: Recessionproof360

Finally, a new product "without" google in the name. Original name, same old retread product though.

Recessionproof360 is making the rounds on the "I made money online with Google" pay per click ad market this week. Again, this is just another "make money online with Google".

This product goes by a couple of different names, so keep your eyes open for each.

First, and The company that owns and markets is AKA CPA Watchdog, LLC.

What is recessionproof360? The typical "post ads or links on Google and make boatloads of money". What it really is is a collection of online guides to using blogs, small websites (also blogs), Google AdWords and AdSense, eBay and other online money making (and spending!) tools which have been around for years.

What has also been around for years is the methods they teach. Sure, someone has made money with lots of little blogs full of recopied articles, but that doesn't mean everyone else can as well.

How much does recessionproof360 cost?

The intro, trial, bait price is $1.97, but within 5 days, your credit card will be charged $87.11 each month while subscribed. Allegedly, Turner XP1 has an online, automated method for cancelling, but I did not risk finding out how reliable it was.

If you have purchased recessionproof360, you can allegedly cancel by calling 1.866.294.7980, Monday through Friday, between 9AM and 3PM EST.

Complaints? Yep, there are a bunch online from angry customers who were charged the 87.11 without having read the Terms of Service. Very important that you always do that before handing over your credit card!


Finally, Need Money Blog does not sell Recessionproof360. If you have ordered any of these products or any other online, go to the website you ordered the product from to cancel. If you have questions, need support or would like to cancel service, go to the website you ordered the product from and check the Terms of Service for contact information. Again, Need Money Blog does not sell this product, provide support or take cancellations.

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