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Need Money Scam: Posting Links on Google

Eric has a website about "posting links on Google" and is proud to let us know he makes over $5,000.00 a month posting links on Google. As a college sophomore, Eric's life was changed thanks to The Google Network and Twitter.

Have you seen this one? The website is actually called "Post Ads On Google". At least that part is somewhat honest. You can post ads on Google. There are two ways:

Google AdSense - You join the Google AdSense program. It's free. After being accepted, you have access to code you can put on your website or blog. The code displayes ads determined by Google based upon the content of your blog or website. You make money when someone clicks the ads.

Google AdWords - You join the AdWords program. You will need a credit card because putting the ads on the Internet is not free. The ads will be displayed and when someone clicks an ad, your credit card gets charged.

First, neither Google or Twitter have anything to do with this product or the review.

Let's review what Eric says on his website. His comments are in italic, mine are in (parenthesis).

What does Eric say about "posting links on Google"

First, he says that he purchased a kit online called the Google Master Kit. He then started "writing ads" that appear on Google Search
(that would be Google AdWords). The next day the ads "started making money" (no word on what he was advertising or how the ads made money).

And then he was mailed checks from Google every week. (This part is a mystery. The check Eric shows is from Google AdSense. Google does not mail checks for "posting links on Google". Google AdSense sends checks if someone has clicked the ads on your website. But those checks come about 45 - 60 days after the ad has been clicked). Read on.

Eric hit a roadblock in his system. He was only making about 4,000.00 a month. So he added the Twitter Cash System product to his efforts. He does not explain what he did, but says it is all in the Google Master guide. He shows a check which claims he made over 40,000.00 in January. (Which is weird, because just a few paragraphs earlier he claims he only made 20,000.00. I think the picture he found online of someone else's AdSense check had a different number).

At this point, Eric starts to tell some whoppers.

Get the Google Master Kit and set up the Google Advertising Account (that is AdWords - you pay for those ads). They will give you the website links to post (lie).

Get the Twitter Cash System and set up your Twitter advertising account (Twitter does not have an advertising system, maybe the Cash System does - sorta lie). Twitter will display your earnings (lie).

Google and Twitter will start sending your first check in 48 hours (for what? Twitter does not send any checks and Google sends Adsense checks in about 45 days - two big lies).

Your first check will be about $500 to 1500.00 a week (how can anyone know that - another big lie).

The kits are in limited supply, think they have around 100 left - (another lie. They will sell Google Master to anyone with a credit card).

So, when you run across the picture of Eric, and hear his story about the Google Master Kit and the Twitter Money System, you will know how much of his story is real and how much is baloney.

This site does not sell the products in question here. If you purchased this product and would like a refund or have questions about the product, please return to the website you purchased the product from and read the Terms of Service for company contact information. Need Money Blog does not sell this product and has no affiliation with the company but is an informational site only.

So what to do if you purchased the Google Master Kit and you want to cancel?

The monthly subscription charge is 79.90 a month so you may want to cancel before the seven day trial period is completed.

First, go back to the site you purchased the Kit from. Find the Terms of Service at the bottom of the sales page. The company name and contact information are generally found there.

For the ad I review, the product is sold by and the Quad Group and Go Web Biz. Their contact number is 1-866-511-2427.

To cancel the Twitter Cash System, the ad I reviewed is linked to Fast Twitter Profits also marketed under the name Easy Tweet Profits, Business Transactions Online, Ltd.

The monthly fees are $47.00 and will be charged as

To cancel, you must call 1-866-315-2577. This is only applicable for the companies listed above.

Their address is:

7 Petworth Road
Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2JB

Finally, watch your credit card charges for any of these company names and the monthly subscription price. You may have to contact your credit company and report your card lost or stolen to get a new card number.

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