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Need Money Scam: Making Money From Twitter

There are a glut of new products being advertised online for "making money with Twitter". One went so far as to state in an advertisement for Twitter Cash System - "Twitter will start sending your first check in 48 hours "

Twitter is a hot application. More and more people are joining and "tweeting" so much so that Twitter will rival Facebook and MySpace very soon.

But can you make money off of Twitter? Let's read what Twitter has to say about it from their web page:

How do you make money from Twitter? Twitter has many appealing opportunities for generating revenue but we are holding off on implementation for now because we don't want to distract ourselves from the more important work at hand which is to create a compelling service and great user experience for millions of people around the world. While our business model is in a research phase, we spend more money than we make.

But that won't stop the scammers of the world from coming up with products which claim you can make money off of Twitter and from Twitter.

Here are the scams to avoid being marketed out there.

Fast Twitter Profits

Also known as Easy Tweet Profits, Business Transactions Online, Ltd.

Monthly charge: $47.00

What do you get? Supposedly, a CD and access to a membership site which shows 137 ways to make money with Twitter. They claim buyers can make $250-$873 a day with Easy Tweet Profits. The trial period is offered at $1.95, but it begins when you buy the product! That means you will get hit with the $47.00 charge probably before you even get your CD!

Twitter Profit House

Also known as Twitter Profit House Resource Center.

Monthly charge: $99.99

What do you get? Supposedly a CD and access to a membership site and to something called the website. Besides the 99.99 a month charge, there will another $9.99 a month charge for The trial period is listed at $1.95, but it begins when they process your order online! Again, that means the trial period could be up before you receive the CD!

This is a Twitter Profit House affiliate site, but it's funny because they show a check from Twitter - its a Google AdSense check!

First, Twitter does not send checks to anyone nor pay anyone for making tweets.

Second, these Twitter products are expensive, $47.00 to 99.99 a month. There is no guarantee you will make anything with them.

Third, there are so many complaints from people who have already bought into these products, can you go wrong by NOT buying one yourself?

Finally, Need Money Blog does not sell any Twitter money making products. If you have ordered this product or any other online, go to the website you ordered the product from if you have questions, need support or would like to cancel service. Again, Need Money Blog does not sell this product, provide support or take cancellations.

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