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Need Money Scam: Google Payout System

Google Payout System

First, the Google Payout System is not "only $1.95" for shipping.
Google does not pay anyone to "post links on Google".

On to the show..

Google Payout System is advertised by our good friend "Mary Steadman" - who by now has made about ten billion dollars with Google products. I found it on a website called the "New York Financial News". You know, one of those fake newspaper sites used to sell teeth whiteners and acai berry drinks.

Mary, who lost her job around the same time as her husband, now makes $5500.00 a month "posting links on Google". In fact, "Google pays her around $25.00 for each link she posts".

And Mary even shows a check she received from Google. Mary used the Google Payout System to make all this money.

All fake. Google does not pay anyone to post links. Google does not send checks weekly, like Mary claims. And the check Mary is showing is actually for Google AdSense. Google AdSense is free to join and has nothing to do with the Google Payout System.

I clicked on one of the many links for the Payout System and learned more about the real cost of Google Payout System.

The website made the same claims about how much money I could make once I ordered Google Payout. However, first I read the Terms and Conditions hidden at the bottom of the page. Here are the real facts...

- Buyer pays $1.97 for a 30 day trial period, CD and shipping and handling.

- On day 31, the buyer is charged $99.00 for a one month membership which is non-refundable.

- One day 15, the buyer will be charged $47.00 a month ongoing for access to the system.

- The buyer is also enrolled automatically in a 7 day trial for eBay Money Resource Center. On day 8, the buyer will be automatically charged $7.71 for one month access to the eBay Money Resource Center and will charged again until cancelled.

- To cancel Google Payout, the buyer must call 1-866-995-9812.

- To cancel eBay Money Resource Center, the buyer must call 800-215-1752.

Google Payout System is very expensive and makes claims which are simply not true. I would avoid this product if possible.

Finally, Need Money Blog does not sell either product reviewed here. If you have ordered any of these products or any other online, go to the website you ordered the product from to cancel. If you have questions, need support or would like to cancel service, go to the website you ordered the product from and check the Terms of Service for contact information. Again, Need Money Blog does not sell this product, provide support or take cancellations.

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