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Need Money Scam: Google Home Profits

Google Home Profits.

Mike Richardson, the out of work guy in your home town, is at it again. This time he is hawking Google Home Profits. That according to the full page story on the fictional "Los Angeles Tribunes".

"Reporter Tom Chilton" has the whole imaginary story about Mike Richardson and how he is making $5000-7000.00 a month from Google all for about 10 hours a week on his home computer.

The usual.. lost job, lost income, tired of scams, decided to "work with Google because it is so big, how could I go wrong?"

How? By posting links Google gives him. Thanks to Google Home Profits.

Problem? It is a bunch of over-hyped scam. Google does not pay anyone to post links.

I clicked on the Google Home Profits link on Mike's website. Here is what I found out.

- The website identifies the product as The Google Biz Kit and Google Pay Day.

- The Terms and Conditions identify the seller as My Search Cash.

- The ad says its "free" but the Terms show the monthly cost is $40.00 plus $9.95.

- Buyers can cancel Google Home Profits by calling 866-637-1390. I called and was put on hold immediately.

- Clicking through the two different signup forms, I found that not only would buyer be billed for Google Home Profits but also for Vcomm Unlimited at $19.95 a month and Premier Plus at $12.95 a month as well.

Overpriced, hidden charges and fees, deceptive advertising and no indication how anyone really makes money with Google Home Profits. Avoid it!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this warning. Pretty much at my wits end and never tried anything like this before, I was actually considering it. Luckily I'm wary enough to do a little research... Hopefully other people are too..

Thanks again.

JD said...

Don't do it! Thank you for reading and for leaving a comment.

Anonymous said...

i saw the ad on kijiji and asked for more info. I was tempted to apply for the job as i really need full time work and full time jobs are hard to find in this city right now...anyways glad i found out it was a scam

Anonymous said...

I have actually signed up for this before and unknowing inquired recently on kijiji. I'm pretty sure its affiliate marketing. You post links or create blogs, anything to get someone to click a link directly linked to you and if there is a purchase made, you receive a profit. I've tried it before and if you don't have the capital to spend on monthly fees for websites, various domain names, ads, etc.. (just like starting up your own business) don't do it! If you have some money in your pocket and have an understanding of affiliate marketing, it could be your big break. Use caution, ask questions! :)

Anonymous said...

This guys is the epitome of sleaze. He generates new posts, new e-mail addresses, new e-mail addresses SENT in RESPONSE, which direct back to his "story" in the "newspaper" but are disguised so you can't tell that until you get there... I know there are a lot of scams around but this guy is the bottom of the barrel. I would love it if there were some way to shut him down.

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