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Need Money Scam: Google Fortune

Google Fortune

Google Fortune is making the rounds this week. Again, poor Mary Steadman, who by now is a gazzillionaire from all the Google products she uses, is hawking the wonders of the Google Fortune System.

Here are the claims from Mrs. Steadman..

"I get paid about $25 for every link I post on Google and I get paid every week...

I make around $7200 a month right now"

Google Fortune is a free* course that can teach anyone, regardless of computer skill level to start making money online

Mary even shared with us a picture of the kind of checks she gets from Google

Now the truth:

Google Does Not Pay Anyone To Post Links.

Google Does Not Have Any Program Which Sends Checks Weekly.

The check shown above is a Google AdSense check. These photos of checks are available all over the internet and have nothing to do with Google Fortune.

I clicked on one of the numerous links for Google Fortune on the advertisement page and looked over the sign up page. It was very exciting with lots of lightning and effects.

The sign up page claims I can make up to $560.00 a day with this system the refer to as "Biz Kit". There was also this little claim at the bottom of the page..

Google™ does not endorse or sponsor this site and is in no way affiliated with BizKit in a Flash

The Terms and Conditions reveal the REAL price of Google Fortune.

Your Subscription within the 7-day trial You will be billed $79.90 at the completion of the 7-day trial

You automatically receive a 7-day trial to the Google Start up Kit.

URL Profit Studio Learning (“PSL”), an authorized online reseller,

You may cancel Your subscription by calling toll-free at 1-866-993-1473.
230 West 400 South, Suite 100 SLC UT, 84101

Now, Profit Learning Studio is not the only reseller of Google Fortune. There are others including..

FUNWEBPROFITS - Jet Processing & VM,
Jet Processing, Inc., 440 Riverside Road Mesquite, NV 89027, and FunWebProfits, 13799 Park Blvd N Suite #330 Seminole FL 33776 ("FunWebProfits," "We," "Us" or "Our").

FunWebProfits will continue to provide you service at a premier rate of $69.97 per month

So be on the lookout for either company. This is called a "negative option" product - you will be billed on a recurring monthly basis if you agree to purchase this product and fail to cancel within the trial period. The trial period begins once you buy the product, not when you receive it or log in. Be aware of that now.

I would not buy Google Fortune. It is a rewrap of several other products out there right now which have numerous complaints against them.

Finally, Need Money Blog does not sell either product reviewed here. If you have ordered any of these products or any other online, go to the website you ordered the product from to cancel. If you have questions, need support or would like to cancel service, go to the website you ordered the product from and check the Terms of Service for contact information. Again, Need Money Blog does not sell this product, provide support or take cancellations.


Anonymous said...

I signed on I did not receive anything within 7 days and got charge $69.99 on my credit card. What is this? Please don't be a fool like me.

JD said...

Anon, I dont know that product, only Google Fortune. Who is the charge from? Do you remember the web page you signed up on?

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

Anonymous said...

I ordered this garbage and the info and CD for the trial period showed up after my credit card was billed. I proceeded to call the customer service # and demand a refund, of course due to the trial period being up there was nothing they could do(song and dance), so I was assured that the following month they would not bill me but "Please take advatage of our services this month, beings it's paid for. The following month, I checked my c/card statement online, what do you know, another charge from them. Once again I call them I had to argue and refuse 3 offers to get a refund, 20 mins on the phone same song and dance each time. They will fight to squeeze every $ they can so I reccomend not signing up or they will do the same to you!

JD said...

This is the problem with these Google scam products. Customer service is often not helpful, not available or tries to get more money out of you. Don't buy the products.

Thanks for reading and posting a comment.

lisaf said...

I too got scammed. I found the charge on my bank account statement. I have been on hold with the website customer service for over 30 minutes and still no person to speak to. I have called my bank to dispute the charge and close the card they charged this to. I am so embarrassed.

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