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NeedMoney Scam: Google Riches

I came across the sales page for Google Riches and if you are considering buying this product, please read the Terms of Membership closely.

First, the product is listed as Google Riches and Fast Google Profits. There are some other interesting highlights on the sales page as well.

First is "As Seen and Trusted... CNN, ABC, MSNBC.." which is featured prominently on all of these sales pages. But at the bottom of the sales page, in teeny tiny little print is:

MSNBC, CNN, ABC, USA Today & Google do not support, endorse, sponsor nor are in any way affiliated with this product, website or promotion.

Also, here is a first time claim by any of the "Google" products:

"Tell us your story, We send you $500!"

Let's read the Terms of Service for Google Riches. Get ready to jump through some hoops!

... free trial shipping and handling fee of $1.88...

a one time fee of $98.04,

the one time fee will be NON REFUNDABLE.

In addition, the subscriber will be provided access will bill at $48.16 on the thirty first Day

we will re-bill every thirty one days at $48.16 per month until cancelled

But wait! There's more!

You ... into a seven (7) day trial to the eBay Money Resource Center.

you will be billed seven dollars and seventy one cents ($7.71) each month

It adds up doesn't it?

I still don't understand what Google Riches does, how it works or how buyers make money. On the sales page it says, "Perform Simple Searches.." and "Get Cash From Google". I cannot find that program on Google's home page and doubt it exists.

There is a way to get a check from Google. Join Google AdSense, create a blog or website and include AdSense ad code on the site, get plenty of traffic and after some time, you may make money from the AdSense system. It takes work though and the money does not "roll in" in a few days.

I would avoid any product which gives so little information about how the program actually works and costs so much money up front. Please read the Terms before buying this or any other product.

If you purchased this product or any other similarly labeled product and wish a refund, please go to the page you purchased the product from, read the Terms of Service and follow the instructions for refunds and cancellations. Need Money Blog does not sell or offer these products.

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