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NeedMoney Scam: Google Jackpot System

Whoo hoo! You hit the jackpot with the Google Jackpot System! Also under the name Internet Jackpot System, this is another of the "get a free trial and start making money online now!".

More on the Jackpot courtesy of "Ricks Money Story" featuring the likeness of Corey or Jeff or whatever his name is.

OK - Google Jackpot System is unique. Rather than the old, "make $5000.00 a month with GOogle", Jackpot claims you can make more than 46.87 an hour with their system. How they can be so precise with so vague a product is beyond me.

According to one affiliate reseller of the Jackpot System, buyers simply search with Google and get paid for viewing advertisements. Hmmm.. that sounds fishy. I have never heard of Google paying anyone to view ads. AdSense pays publishers to include ads on their website, but only if visitors click the ads. But AdSense doesn't pay anyone for simply viewing an ad.

Another website advertising Google Jackpot claims buyers only need to "do simple paperwork and easy Google searches" to make money online. What could be more vague?

Regardless, read the Terms and Conditions for the Google Jackpot System. First, you find out the product also goes by the name Internet Jackpot System. The shipping and handling entry price is $3.88. However, monthly charges will soon start afterwards for a cool $67.00 a month.

The Terms are very clear about how and when to cancel out of the system. The advertisements for Google Jackpot make it obvious none of us will find out what the system actually is unless we buy a "membership" for more information.

No thanks.

I have little faith in so odd a claim as the Google Jackpot System makes online.

NOTE: I do not sell the Jackpot System. If you have purchased it and want your money back, go to the site you purchased it from and request it there OR read the Terms and Conditions of your purchase.

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