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Need Money Blog: What is Google Automated Income Kit

Maybe you have heard of this product while searching online. Let's set some things straight..

Google does not have a product called "Automated Income Kit". All of Google's products and brands can be seem from a Google search page.

I found the pitch page for the Google Automated Income Kit and it looks like all the rest of the "scam" products out there like Google Profits, Google ATM, Google Home Business kit and so on. Most of these products are monthly subscriptions to a website offering dubious and often out of date information, on how to "make money online".

Reviewing the websites selling the Automated Income Kit, shows the product is actually related to another product, Blog Tool Kit. The Tool Kit actually has its own website, but gives very little information about itself or the Automated Income product other than the following:

- Make blogs using a free platform or wordpress
- Blog daily
- We will help you find topics to write about
- We will help you make money with your blog
- We will help you get readers (traffic) for your blog

Automated Income advertises itself as "Free" with S/H or Shipping and Handling. This of course means the $1.97 handling fee that quickly turns into a $39.95 per month membership fee after the 14 day trial expires. Reading the Terms and Services implies that buyers may also be liable for other services and pricing. Beware.

There are plenty of free courses and websites on the Internet right now which will show you how to make money using blogs. Be warned, making money through any means is not easy on line. Most who attempt to make money online usually make little or nothing and give up.

Remember, there is no Google product called Google Automated Income Kit and this product may or may not work for buyers. You have been warned. Read the Terms and Services.

NOTE: This is a review of the product listed above. I do not sell or market the products reviewed and offer this as a service only. If you have purchased this product and are dissatisfied, return to the website it was purchased from, read the Terms and Services and request a refund according to the product refund terms.

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Poppy Rouze said...

Thanks for the info. It saved me from making a drastic mistake. I too have received an invite to Google Automated Income Kit but after reading your comments, I am happy to refuse the offer.

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