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Need Money? Easy Google Profit Scam

Easy Google Profit is another "make money off Google, it's easy!" product which seem to grow like weeds this spring. It started with SEO Supervisor and morphed into a dozen other products over the past year. Also going by the name Easy Google Profits, this is another headache product to avoid!

I stumbled upon Easy Google Profit in the form of a benign review format, (rather than the "Goober Makes Cash" ad). The review site was setup as a blog which sounds authoritative on making money.

The story sounds plausible; the reviewers talk about how they signed up for Easy Google Profit, carefully followed the instructions and lo and behold, they started making money right away.

The review goes on to say how Easy Google Profits instructs members to make blogs using free blog platforms like Blogger, Wordpress and others in order to fully implement the Easy method.

Here are some gems from the review site:

Starting out with a program ,you can expect to make a few dollars every day off your websites,

It takes some getting used to for those who are unable or do not know how to build websites, but can easily be overcome with practice.

Disclaimer : These are our personal numbers, and your income may vary..
04/01/09 $145.00
04/02/09 $74.00
04/03/09 $74.00
04/04/09 $0.00
04/05/09 $39.00
04/06/09 $114.00

Wow, that's great and also, very unlikely.

I clicked on the Easy Google Profit link to find out how I could get into this system for "only 1.95" - plus lots of small print!

Let's read the small print shall we?

Upon submitting a request for Membership, a Member ID and Password are assigned to you and can be used to gain access to

No refunds of any kind will be issued after 7 days of any transaction date.

You have also subscribed to a fifteen-day trial to Grant Spring for just $24.87 a month and every month thereafter should you chose not to cancel.

If you choose to sign up for this product and pay the recurring monthly charges using a debit card you hereby provide pre-authorization and consent that may charge $77.82 on a monthly basis.

We handle all chargebacks and reversals as potential cases of fraudulent use of our services and/or theft of services.

As always - zoiks!

OK, here is what Easy Google Profit is.

Once signed up, buyers become members of a website called blazingkeywords. blazingkeywords allegedly teaches its members what keywords are, how some keywords cost advertisers more than other keywords, what Google AdSense and AdWords are and how they relate to keywords, and how to build a website which includes AdSense ads which might generate high dollar payouts.

Generally, a product like this takes it one step farther by encouraging its customers to advertise with AdWords to build pay for click traffic to their blogs and websites. The idea is that a searcher for a certain keywords sees a relevant ad to their search on Google, they might click it, which will take them to the blog or website with AdSense ads. Its a vicious circle.

The problem with pay per click combined with AdSense is that while it is easy to research high paying keywords and to build a free blog, getting quality content and large amounts of traffic is not easy.

For instance, a good website has a click thru rate on AdSense ads of 1-3%. If an ad click paid $3.00 a click, than to earn the $75 to 250.00 a day Easy Google Profit promotes in the review, than a blog would have to receive at least 2500 unique page views a day. Further, that traffic and the cost of the website must not go against the earnings of the blog or the blog earnings have to be substantially higher to offset costs.

But, if the publisher uses AdWords to get that sort of traffic, they may end up spending over $200.00 a day (at .10 a click). Net result: Loss of money.

Easy Profit Kit is just another "pie in the sky" take on the AdWord to AdSense arbitrage method which has worked for a few websites, but is generally just a good way to max out a credit card with AdWords clicks.

This site does not sell the products in question here. If you purchased this product and would like a refund or have questions about the product, please return to the website you purchased the product from and read the Terms of Service for company contact information. Need Money Blog does not sell this product and has no affiliation with the company but is an informational site only.

Check it out and save your money. Avoid Easy Google Profit!

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