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NeedMoney? Making Money Online

There have been so many making money online scams lately and it really chaps my hide. Many of them are the Google Home Business Kit, Google Profit, Treasure Chest, nonsense that many good people who really want to make some extra money online are completely turned off by the myriad of opportunities online.

For starters.. would an extra $100.00 a month help you make your bills?

How to do it

First, start a blog. Blogs consistently rank higher with search engines because the content changes frequently. Blogs also encourage communication with readers and thus encourage cross linking and traffic. Websites rarely have that same affect.

There are plenty of free blogs hosts to get started. Yes, many will tell you to purchase a domain and setup a paid for blog hosting account (and they supply you their affiliate link for those services). The idea is that purchasing your own domain and hosting account builds a unique brand. And that is a good idea, if you know the brand will be successful. Most brands are not successful and if your domain/blog combination fails, you are stuck with the lost costs.

Rather, using a free blog host allows you to experiment with plans and ideas which may work or may not. Here is a list of free blogs for you to try.

Then, start posting. What infuriates me and search engines, are blogs with few or infrequent posts. The big name blogs post several times a day - how can a new blog compete with only one or two measly posts?

Ah, you say, what do I write about? Good question. If you want to make money with your blog, write about money. Not necessarily the old dead horse of making money online, there are hundreds of thousands of blogs about that. Rather, focus on smaller subjects which people would be willing to pay money for. Or have companies willing to pay for advertising on your blog.

The temptation is to write about a Big Subject which pays well. However, to be successful, focus on a smaller micro subject contained within the Big Subject.

Here are some great subjects:

Big Subject - Credit Cards
micro subject - Credit cards which pay you with incentives, cash back offers or savings plans.

Big Subject - Debt
micro subject - How to pay off a student loan, how to reduce your mortgage, how to pay off a credit card with better interest rates.

Big Subject - Auto insurance
micro subject - getting better auto insurance rates in Texas, California, Georgia, etc.

Big Subject - Lawsuits
micro subject - particular medical ailment cases such as Heparin Recall, Gadolinium Lawsuits, etc.

There are thousands of subjects you can research and write about in the space of a short amount of time.

So, you have a bunch of free blogs set up, have written several articles and now wonder what to do next. If your blog host allows it, sign up for AdSense and place some simple text ads on your site. (This is the great thing I like about Blogger, the ads can be done automatically from the Blogger dashboard).

Next, check with Clickbank for digital products which may be related to your subjects. For instance, an ebook about getting out of debt or how to reduce credit card bills and so on. Place a single banner ad for this product on your blog. It can be on the side or across the top.


Let's get some traffic to our blog.

First, setup a Squidoo lens for each blog. Squidoo is the best single page source for promoting any subject or niche.

Then, create a HubPage. Same idea as Squidoo and just as good.

Next, join some social networks and start placing some links back to your blogs and websites. Some networks are particular about what is linked or marked. Read the rules carefully! Here is a mondo list of great bookmark links to join and use.

Next, join some directories. I have found this to be one of the most affective ways to build traffic to your blog. Webrings are also a great boost for traffic. One of my sites receives 100+ views a day specifically from rings.

Finally, the piece d resistance. Articles. Join ezinearticles for starters, and start writing and publishing articles about your area of interest. Include your blog in your bio. Remember, most article directories allow multiple personalities. No, not like Carrie, but multiple names and URLs. In ezinearticles, you can be Joe Smith writing about college loans, Betty Jones writing about credit card articles, and Carl Foster writing about medical malpractice awards for heparin dosing injuries.

Will this make you $100.00 a month? Using the above tactics combined with Adsense, affiliate sales and a few other blog ad tools like AdBrite and Kontera, I regularly earn that much and more from my blogs. No, I cannot live off my earnings, but they do help with my monthly bills.

For some, $100.00 would be a Godsend, however. Also, if you consider that all the tools I mentioned above cost - nothing - then your only expense is time. If you have been downsized or laid off, you have time available. With 8 hours a day, you could, over time, turn this into a full time job. But that usually takes one to two years. There is your warning.

In closing, you can make money online with this free strategy. There are others, but this one works for me. Good luck,

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