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Needmoney? Two new giveaways

Real quick..

Two new giveaways for you to try out. Both offer lots of free stuff for download.

You know how giveaways work..

My own strategy is to do a few giveaways a quarter then back off. Why? Because many of the gifts get relabeled and pushed through multiple giveaways several times. I don't like to download the same product multiple times, so I drop out for few months before visiting another.

Both of these giveaways are running for a couple of weeks from today, so get in now and get your stuff before they end.

The Systems Giveaway - This one is different. It runs on a Wordpress blog rather than through the traditional giveaway software platform. Interesting concept.

Daddy's Birthday Giveaway has received a lot of hype the past few weeks. An infamous internet marketer is turning 40 and having a big giveaway blowout. Neat strategy.

Check them both out and get your free downloads today.

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