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NeedMoney: Cheap ways to make money

Even free ways!

What I mean by ways are tools and tricks which help in your quest to make money online.

See most products, such as e-books, software and membership sites, cost big money. There are cheap and free products available, however, for the first time or cash strapped internet marketer which are worth looking at.

Websites - the cheapest - free - way to get a website is to put up a blog or free page such as Squidoo or Hubpage. I have a list of free blogs here which are worth looking at. A note: Some free blog sites go up and down, so be aware you may lose your site unexpectedly - which is why I use several free blogs rather than just one.

Squidoo and Hubpages aren't going anywhere. Both have high page ranks and lots of organic traffic.

Advertising - spreading the word about your blog or website can be done through social networking (free), directory submissions (many are free), article marketing (always free), blog commenting (free) and RSS submissions (free). PPC should only be done when the ad copy is perfect and the landing page fool proof. Otherwise, you risk throwing away your money.

Have a domain name but not a website? Point your domain to a blogger site. I do it all the time and it cuts out a monthly hosting fee. Sure, the blogger sites are limited and not very original, but let's say you have a dozen domains you are not sure will monetize or not? Why pay 5.00 a month for hosting space when you can try a website for free?

What can I sell? Go sign up with Clickbank, Commission Junction and individual offers on the net. Write a blog about a product and stick a banner for the product on the site and sprinkle in some Adsense ads. Now spend your time writing good content and marketing with free methods.

Everything I just described above is free. Yes, you may not make four figures a day, but you can sell one or two Clickbank products a month per site (very easy to do) and start making 100 - 400.00 extra a month. That puts you ahead of about 99% of the internet marketers out there.

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