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Need Money: Top Reasons I Use Blogger

If you listen to the blogging experts, especially those who tout "make money online with blogging" they almost every time knock blogger. That's cool.. I mean they have to have something to knock around, right?

Here's the deal.. I use Blogger for a bunch of my blogs and will continue to do so. Well until Google figures out they don't want my unique content and would rather do something else to make billions a year.

My quick reasons for using Blogger

- Blogger is easy to use. I can set up a blog in minutes.
- Blogger has a limited number of templates, yes, but I can still get my original and unique content up faster than any other system out there. Squidoo, Hubpages, even Wordpress.
- Blogger lets me put Adsense ads on any blog I make. Wordpress hosted blogs do not. Neither does, blogster, etc.
- Blogger does not care if my blog is commericial or personal. A blog is content and brings traffic to the hosting provider. Separating commercial from personal is what the Internet Service Providers tried with access in the 90's. It failed (take it from me; I ran an ISP for 8 years).
- Blogger is free and allows me to make any number of blogs on variations of a keyword or phrase quickly. No other blog platform can beat that claim.
- Blogger has a huge network. This is good (organic traffic) and bad, but it has helped more than hurt me.

I know. Any day now this blog and others may disappear. But it won't be for money. Blogger is owned by Google who now owns Northern California the last time I checked. The real estate alone will finance the blog!

YMMV - but I like Blogger for now.


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