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I need money: What are giveaways?

If you are new to internet marketing and want to make some money online, you may have signed up for a product you found during a random web search. Maybe a "Make Money 101 Guide" or something similar.

When you downloaded the product, you joined an email list and have been receiving a few emails from the author of the ebook you downloaded.

The emails mention different topics, but one topic keeps coming up, "Giveaways".
"Winter Giveaway starts today!" or "Join the Valentines Giveaway" or something similar.

Sound familiar?

What is a giveaway and why should you care?

If you are new to all of this, a giveaway is an event where free ebooks, software, tools and what not are given away by the authors to anyone who wants them and has an email account. Most of the ebooks have titles like "How to make money with XXX" or "Five ways to build traffic, lists, etc".

Many of the ebooks are Private Label Rights (PLR) of other people's work which an enterprising author has rewritten and rebranded.

Why would anyone do this?

The purpose of a giveaway, for a few other people is to build a list. An opt-in list.

When someone downloads that free ebook on "Using Squidoo" or "Free Wordpress Plugins", they have to submit their email address and name to a mailing list. A smart marketer uses that list to build their sales. How?

By emailing the members of their list once a day or a few times a week a marketer can tell their list about a great new affiliate product which have just been released. Or maybe about a post on their blog which promotes another product.

Either way, they now have a list of customers interested in affiliate marketing products.

Most affiliate marketers participating in giveaways use Aweber for their autoresponder. Yes, if you are broke, you could use gmail or yahoo and painstakeningly edit, send and manage an mail list by hand. And deal with spam complaints and removal headaches. Aweber does all of that for you. That is why so many marketers use Aweber to manage email opt-in lists. Check it out and see the features and you will agree it is worth the $20.00 a month fee.

Here are a sample giveaway to try out..

When you go to this giveaway, they will ask you to register your name and email address for a login to the giveaway.

After you respond to the confirmation email, you can then download as many free products as you wish. There is no charge; the only cost is your email address and agreement to join a mailing list. At any time, you can opt out of the email list.

After you have seen a few giveaways, you might want to try writing or rewriting your own PLR ebook and contributing to a giveaway. It is a great way to build your own email opt in list and hopefully, use that list to start making money online.

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