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I need money: Amazon sales way down

I have more than a few websites with Amazon links on them. My Amazon links fall into different categories..

Static - have a related product picture and description on the page.
Moving - random related products on page.
Suggestion - blog post with suggested book or product included in review.

I have one blog which is only Amazon with some ads. The site reviews and promotes a camera I purchased. So far, the ads have paid for the domain name. The hosting was free. But Amazon has been a dog. No sales, few clicks.

I checked all of my sites with Amazon ads and in the past 30 days even click thrus have dropped.

I have one site that easily generated 10-12 Amazon orders a month. Recent numbers for the past three months - 0.

So what's up?

Here is my theory.

Amazon is a luxury. People are out of work or hurting for money. Amazon purchases, along with Starbucks and expensive wine are out. Making your own coffee and drinking super market wine is up.

Which means that Amazon has been replaced with Walmart, discount book stores, thrift stores and plain not buying anything.


Replace most Amazon ads with affiliate ads which promote topics like

"Work from home"
"Residual income"
"Make money online"
"Recession proof income"
"Multiple streams of income"

I think these subjects are going to be huge right now and you should start promoting them on your websites and blogs.

Just a hunch and I have been right so far.

Good luck,

In the meantime, download this fr-ee Pay Per Click software from Brad Callen. It is very cool and very fr-ee.

What can you do with it? Once installed, this app will ad an information bar to every google ad on Google Search. Click it and it shows the keyworks used for that ad and the ad spend estimate. Very neat for keyword research and planning even if you do not use AdWords or Pay Per Click.

Use it for blog post keyword numbers. That is very cool to do.

Check it out.

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