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Google Shadow Bunk, Hype and Nonsense

You need money? Then why are you buying an ebook and membership for $67.00 and 47.00 a month? That is what Google Shadow is.. it may be a system, but it is also very expensive and get this...

There is no guarantee you will ever make a dime using the "Shadow" method after you buy it.

Let's talk about Google Shadow

I spent the morning searching the web for ANYONE who actually bought Google Shadow and had a review. Nearly every review for Google Shadow is a sales letter with rehashed advanced sales copy. Nothing new.

So I had to do some more research about Google Shadow to bring you this post..


Here are some facts:

- Most ebooks are bought and the methods described within are never put to use.
- Most ebook buyers don't employ the stuff in ebooks because
- "it is too hard",
- "is too hard to understand" or
- "requires more time and resources than they have available".

What Google Shadow is..

A system to make a whole bunch of AdWords campaigns for different affiliate products, primarily from Clickbank, but also other vendors.

The Google Shadow system is online software as well as a bunch of the usual "step by step, hold your hand, BS" that every other e-book claims to have.

Google Shadow is also access to an online community and support site (much like Google Shadow author's other product - Google Assassin).

Google Shadow costs a one time charge and monthly access charge there after.

Naturally, there are additional charges and levels for buyers who want to spend more.

Google Shadow is NOT an easy system to put in place. If you have not been successful with Google AdWords in the past, you will most likely have no success with Google Shadow.

Unless you have time, an hour or more per campaign, you will fail with Google Shadow miserably.

You must have an AdWords account to use Google Shadow which means you must have a credit card with funds, to create campaigns.

And you must have a lot of funds to create the level of campaigns described in the Google Shadow system to make the kind of money promised - $100.00 a day or more.

Misusing Google Shadow, and any other system using AdWords for affiliate marketing, will leave you bankrupt quickly with AdWords campaign costs. They never tell you that in the sales letters or reviews do they?

I would not recommend buying Google Shadow unless you fully intend to deploy the system, have the time to make it work and have the funds to support it.

If not, you can always do article marketing using free websites like Squidoo, Blogger and others. It works, maybe not as fast as the gurus claim their system does, but it works for lots of other people.

Finally, remember this! Most Clickbank "make money online products" are not sold with AdWords ads - they are sold to opt-in email lists.

Get Aweber, join a Giveaway, and start building your list if you really want to make some money off of Clickbank..

Also, check out Brad Callen's PPC Webspy (its free) and find out what Pay Per Click suckers are paying Google for their campaigns.

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