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Google Shadow - banned by Obama, the UN, the Vatican because it causes Global Warming

And more stuff like that..

The system soon to be banned by President Obama!
or so they say..

So its called Google Shadow! If you really must buy this product, please let me know.

It is written by Chris M, the same guy behind Day Job Killer, Affiliate Project X and Adwords Miracle.

Chris know how to market, but his real strength is with his sales letter writing skills. He should go into politics as a speech writer or campaign planner.

Regardless, we are all waiting to see what this Shadow product is..

The System soon to be banned by the Vatican!

I have heard it is another take on the direct linking strategy of Google Cash..

And it also involves CPA which is something Chris has been touting since his last product.

Chris also likes review sites, which I think is that his product after Google Assassin was about. But I stopped buying Chris' products after Google Assassin much like I stopped reading Stephen King books; they became too repetitive.

The System soon to be banned by the United Nations!

So, if you want to buy Google Shadow, let me know..

Or better yet, insist to Google Shadow that you use my link to make your purchase. Then compain to me when you want a refund.

I like abuse..

The link again..

Google Shadow Leads To Global Warming!

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